Fujitsu Scholarship Program for Asia-Pacific Region Applicants in USA

Scholarship details

The Fujitsu limited has established the Fujitsu scholarship program in the year of 1985 to commemorate its 50th anniversary of the founding. The main aim of the Fujitsu scholarship program is to strengthen the relationships between the different countries and the students of the Asia Pacific regions of the world. The initiative/opportunity for the people of Asia Pacific region to contribute to the United States helps to deepen the relationship and stop the barriers between the different countries by studying different values, global business and cultures. 
The Fujitsu scholarship program has thus enabled many professionals from various countries to study cross-cultural management at JAIMS, the Japan-America institute of management science, in Hawaii in USA.  The participants involve themselves to global management program to enhance their skills and knowledge and thereby building the confidence in handling the global management situations for their success. 
Study subjects
The Fujitsu scholarship is provided for the post-graduation education in the Innovation and Knowledge cross cultural management training program at the JAIMS, the Japan American Institute of Management studies, Hawaii, USA.
Course level
The Fujitsu scholarship program is available for the students to pursue post-graduation level of study.
Scholarship Provider
The scholarship provider is the Fujitsu-JAIMS foundation.
Scholarship can be taken at
The scholarship program can be taken at the USA. 
Scholarship Open for International students
The student applying for the scholarship should be a resident of Hawaii, USA or should have been from the following countries: china, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, The Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Australia and Vietnam. 
Duration of awards
The duration of the program is three and a half months. The program consists of the curriculum. 
Scholarship coverage/amount
The Fujitsu scholarship includes the following benefits namely tuition fees for the Global leaders innovation program, stipend towards the living expenses, accommodation arrangements, airfare for the round trip travel to Japan and other modules of the program being conducted in Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. 
Selection criteria
The selection criteria are given as follows. The initial screening depends on the strength of the application which is meeting the eligibility requirements. Selection is based on the proficiency of English, experience in work, motivation, academic performance, goals for the future as expressed in the interview process and essay, and test scores. The key factor in the selection criteria is the commitment to contribute to the mutual understanding and cooperation between countries and to the development of his/her home country. There are many other factors they consider for the selection of the candidate.  
How to apply
The application of the global leaders for innovation and knowledge program with Fujitsu scholarship is registering through the web, preparing the application documents, and the application documents should be sent to the concerned authorities.      


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