Christa McAuliffe Fellowship Program

The Christa McAuliffe Fellowship Program, administered by the United States Department of Education from 1987 to 2002, provided annual fellowships to outstanding public and private elementary and secondary school teachers to continue their education, develop innovative programs, consult with or assist school districts or private school systems, or engage in other educational activities that will improve their knowledge and skills and the education of their students.

Christa McAuliffe Fellows were permitted to use awards for (1) sabbaticals for study or research associated with the objectives of the program or academic improvement, (2) consultation and assistance to local school systems, private schools, or private school systems, (3) development of special innovative programs, (4) projects or partnerships between schools and the business community, (5) programs that utilize new technologies to help students learn, and (6) expanding or replicating model programs of staff development. Recipients were required to return to a teaching position in their current school system for at least 2 years following the completion of their fellowships.


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