Schmidt-MacArthur Fellowship for Postgraduate Applicants in UK

Scholarship details
The Macarthur foundation is offering Schmidt-MacArthur fellowship for postgraduate students and their university tutors. The fellowship is designed for the students who wish to pursue education in the field of engineering, design and business. The applicants should have accepted an offer in the postgraduate course at the university either in engineering, design or business at one of the fellowship partners. 

The fellowship programme is developed and designed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It has some expert inputs from Cranfield University, Imperial College London and London Business School. The fellowships is worth UK £14000 to develop a circular economy project as part of its postgraduate course of study. The students from India, US, UK, China, and Europe can apply for this scholarship. 

Study subjects

The fellowship is provided in the fields of engineering, design and business. 

Course level

The scholarships are provided for the post-graduate course level. 

Scholarship provider

Ellen MacArthur Fellowship is the scholarship provider.  

Scholarship can be taken at

The scholarship can be taken at United Kingdom (run in partnership with a core team of 3 leading UK academic institutions).  

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to avail the scholarship/fellowship position. 

The applications are open for the fellowship scholarships for the year 2014 who met your requirements.   

1.       The confirmed and accepted place on a postgraduate course in design, engineering and business at one of the partner universities at the United Kingdom.
2.       The candidate should be able to attend an online interview is shortlisted in the month of February.
3.       The candidate should be able to attend a week long summer school at Cranfield university in the United Kingdom in the month of June.
4.       The candidate should take up research project as part of its postgraduate course of study during the fellowship year.
5.       The candidate should take part in the 2014 online knowledge building and support programme.
6.       The candidate should have ensured his/her academic mentor’s availability for the week long summer school at the Cranfield University in the UK. The academic mentor should also be supporting at his home country too. 

Number of awards

The number of awards is still not known. 

Duration of awards

The duration of the awards is still not known. 

Scholarship coverage/amount

The fellowship is worth UK£14,000 (approximately £22,000 to £17,000) to develop a circular economy innovation project as part of a postgraduate study in design, engineering and business related fields. 

1.       Financial Bursary  value (£2000)
2.       Week long summer school on the circular economy in the United Kingdom.
3.       Online knowledge building and support facility programme. 

Selection criteria and notification

The selection criteria and notification are not known. 

How to apply

The mode of application is online only.



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