DST A*STAR Call for Singapore-India Joint Research Grants

Scholarship details
The applications are invited for the Singapore-India Joint Research Grants from the candidates of India and Singapore scientists or researchers to submit the proposals. The research is known to address critical technologies in the area of ‘Advances of Biology, Chemistry, and Technology for medicine’.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria
The candidate requires to satisfy the given below eligibility criteria to avail the DST A*Star call for Singapore-India Joint Research Grants.

1.       The Indian scientists or the applicants should be currently working in universities/research centres, national research laboratories, academic institutions etc.
2.       The Singapore employees/applicants must reside in Singapore and be full time employed researchers at a public research centres and organisations in Singapore, including A*star research institutions.
3.       The letter of Intent should include the names of the two Principal Investigators (PI), one from India and one from Singapore.  
4.       Co-investigators should be included in the application. These PI’s and co-investigators are the one’s responsible for the submission of annual scientific and financial reports to keep
Track of the finding and ensure full funding for the research projects.
5.       The PI should not leave or retire from the parent institute mentioned from the proposed duration of the project.
6.       The participants from the Industry partners are encouraged both from India and Singapore.
7.       The PI should be responsible for bearing the entire responsibility of the project including its technical details and the administrative coordination and scientific and financial reporting.

Study subjects for the scholarships
The study subjects for the joint research program addresses critical technologies like the area of ‘Advance research area in Chemistry, Biology, and Technology for medicine’.

Scholarship Open for the International students
The scholarship is open to International students from India and Singapore. The scientists and researchers from India and Singapore are eligible for the scholarships to apply for the joint research programs.

Scholarship covers the range
The scholarship covers a maximum of Rs.60,00,000 per joint project to the Indian applicant and the SGD 3000,000 per joint project to the Singapore applicant for over the three years.

Duration of the scholarship
The scholarship is covered for a maximum of three years and is expected to commence for the research programme in May, 2015.

How to apply
Only LOIs (Letter of Intents) are accepted for the first stage of the application. The shortlisting of the applications will be done and later the candidates will be asked to submit the full proposal. The candidates will be asked to submit the application for both DST and A*Star prescribed by the DST and A*Star.  

Application deadline
The application forms deadline falls on the 31st July, 2014. All the hard copies of the appliciation forms should be submitted by the 5th August, 2014.

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