UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellowship Program in USA

Introduction to the scholarship
The applications are invited for the 2014/15 UJMT Fogarty global health fellowship. The fellowship program offers around 11 months of mentored clinical research training for pre and postdoctoral candidates. The program provides a new opportunity in global health research training for selected junior faculty, fellows and the scholars. 

The US citizens and trainees from LMIC who are currently involved in research at one of the international training sites affiliated with one of the four consortium partners are eligible to the fellowship. 

The fellowship is awarded in the subjects such as endocrinology, epidemiology, environmental sciences and engineering, Chinese traditional medicine, dengue, maternal child health, mental health, nutrition, oncology, paediatrics, primary health care, reproductive health, surgery and trauma/burn, cardiovascular disease, childhood asthma, hepatitis, hypertension, kidney disease, stroke, tuberculosis, health economics, health and human rights, infectious disease modelling, monitoring and evaluation, smoking cessation, and vaccination rollout strategy (rotavirus, HPV). 
Based on the 20 years of research and training collaboration, this research training consortium brings together 19 primary research training sites of Africa, Asia and South America.  The deadline of the scholarship falls in December. 

Scholarship provider

The scholarship is provided by the Fogarty international centre and other NIH institutes, centres and offices such as the national cancer institute, and the office of research in women’s health. The scholarships can b taken at USA. 

Scholarship duration

The fellowships are offered for a period of eleven months. 

Scholarship coverage

The fellowship trainees will be provided with a monthly stipend dependent on the experience, research funding, relocation funds and the health and emergency evacuation insurance. The LMIC trainees will receive stipend support, conference travel funds and research funds. 

The trainees are expected to effectively conduct the high quality, ethical research documenting their research findings with at least one publishable and peer-review paper.  

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria. 

1.       The candidate should be a US citizen or non-citizen national or permanent resident.
2.       The MD’s will have completed residency prior to the departure date for the training site.
3.       Postdoctoral trainees from LMIC who are involved in research at one of the international training sites affiliated with one of the four consortiums.    
4.       The candidates who have or will have the in-country equivalent to an MD or PhD level of education prior to the start of the fellowship. 

Application process

The mode of application is online. 


The applicants will be judged primarily on the following criteria. Training record to date, quality of the research project, previous publication and qualifications, institutional support in terms of supplemental funding, and potential faculty appointment, and the likelihood of a successful research career, and future academic plans. 

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