Innovative International Scholarships- Merit Scholarship at Curtin University, Australia

Scholarship details
The Curtin University is offering merit based international scholarships to study Curtin undergraduate or postgraduate course work degree to be undertaken at the Curtin University. These merit based scholarships are available for the students of the Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Nepal, Oman, Sri Lanka, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil and Zimbabwe. The scholarship amount for the selected candidates includes up to 25% of the first year fees which may come to $AUD 10,000.   

The Curtin University offers high achieving students around the globe to pursue their ambitions and gain a world class education. The Curtin University allows the global candidates to become part of the multicultural university campuses and gains the trust and confidence of the students who are becoming the part of the university. The students are required to submit their applications before the date of the deadline as mentioned in the advertisement. 

Study subjects
Curtin University
The scholarships are awarded for the students for pursuing all the undergraduate and postgraduate degree course work which are available at the Curtin University. 

Scholarship Provider

The scholarship is provided by the Curtin University, Australia. 

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship. 

1.       The candidate has to apply through a Curtin university-registered agent.
2.       The candidates must be citizens of the regions in India, Kenya, Colombia, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Thailand, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Brazil.
3.       The candidates must be international full fee paying overseas students.
4.       The candidate should meet the Curtin university course academic and English language entry requirements.
5.       The candidate must be not coming to the Curtin University via a sponsoring body.
6.       The candidate must not have credits for recognised learning (CLR).
7.       The candidate must be commencing a full undergraduate or master degree in the month of September. 

Scholarship Open for International students

The students from the Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Thailand, Oman, Nepal, Colombia and Pakistan are eligible to apply for these scholarships. 

Duration of awards

The scholarships are offered for a period of one year. 

Scholarship amount

The scholarship amounts to 25% percent of the tuition fee, which comes to around AUD $10000. 

Selection criteria

The candidates will be selected on the academic merit. 

How to apply

The applicants should apply through a Curtin university registered education agent. The students must apply through Curtin university registered agent. They should not directly apply to the university, Sydney. The admissions will verify and assess each application accordingly and will be issuing a supplementary letter along with a letter of offer to confirm the applicants candidature to the university.


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