Rhodes Scholarships for International Students at University of Oxford in UK

Introduction to the scholarship
The Rhodes scholarships are provided to the candidates from about 14 countries to pursue fulltime postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Every year, around 83 Rhodes scholars are selected from 14 countries or groupings of countries to pursue the postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford. These Rhodes scholarships provide excellent transformative opportunities to the outstanding candidates. They usually seek young women and men of outstanding intellect, leadership, character and the commitment to service. The Rhodes scholarships provide outstanding support to the students who showcase a strong propensity to emerge as ‘leaders for the world’s future’.     

Scholarship duration

The scholarship duration is usually for a period of two years which is subject to the satisfactory performance and the personal conduct of the student. At the discretion of the Rhodes Trustees, the scholarship can be extended for the third year, provided the candidate takes a recognised route to the DPhil. The MBA programme and the MFE programme are only tenable in the second year of the scholarship. 

Scholarship provider

The Rhodes scholarships are provided by the Rhodes Trust. These scholarships are useful to pursue any postgraduate degree programme at the University of Oxford. 

Scholarship coverage

The Rhodes scholarship covers the student with all the university and college fees, a personal stipend, one economy class airfare to the Oxford University at the start of the course as well as one economy class flight back to the home country at the end of the course. 83 Rhodes scholars are selected every year from 14 countries around the world.   

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the below eligibility criteria to avail the above mentioned scholarships. The eligibility criteria may vary according to the country. The candidates are therefore required to check the country links beforehand. 

1.       Each applicant must fulfil the citizenship and residency requirements.
2.       The age of the candidate varies according to the country. The minimum age for the candidate is 18 and a maximum age is 28 by the 1st October of the year following selection.
3.       The students are required to have sufficient academic standing in the Bachelor’s degree. The Oxford University has very competitive entry criteria which may require the student to perform to a high academic standard in Oxford.      

Application Process

All the constituencies may require the below different forms to be submitted along with the application. 

1.       Evidence of the academic record/transcript of the undergraduate degree
2.       Curriculum vitae
3.       Personal statement of the candidate of what and why he/she wishes to pursue at the Oxford.
4.       English language proficiency and age certificate
5.       List of referees
6.       Photograph


The below selection criteria is followed.

1.       Literary achievements, scholastic attainments
2.       Energy and potential to use one’s talent to the fullest.
3.       Commitment to service, truth and devotion.
4.       Moral force of character and instincts to lead.

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