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Mothers Off Duty (M.O.D.) is a nonprofit, 501(c) (3) women's organization, founded in 1991 in the belief that the duties of motherhood extend beyond the immediate family. The group describes the core of the non-profit's mission as " in the prevention of teen pregnancy; support parental responsibility and promote continued education among mothers through mentoring, scholarships, and other community outreach targeting children and young women. Mothers Off Duty (M.O.D). was founded on June 29, 1991, by Faith Taylor and novelist Lori Bryant-Woolridge, and incorporated as a non-profit in August 1997.

Organization Programs and Outreach Projects

* Mother-to-Mother Mentoring Program
* Children's Together Shelter
* Choice Beginnings Teen Parent Seminar

Mothers Off Duty has also worked closely with a children's shelter in South Orange, New Jersey. The members, scholarship recipients and their families have prepared home-cooked Christmas dinners with Santa, and conducted Easter egg hunts and other holiday activities for the children in the shelter. Additional assistance has ranged from providing clothing and food to purchasing a stove for their facility.

Sponsored Scholarships, Stipends, and Awards

The Mothers Off Duty Scholarship Award Since 1993, Mothers Off Duty has given almost $80,000 in scholarships. The $500 award is given to an academically sound high school senior who is a mother or mother-to-be, and has been accepted to an accredited college or technical school. The Mothers Off Duty Scholarship is based on both need and merit. The money is deposited directly into the recipient's college account to be used for books or other school related expenses, including study abroad programs. Students who show progress in their studies can have their scholarships renewed for an additional $750 per year.

* In 2002, M.O.D. awarded its first full scholarship (tuition, room and board) to a deserving student mother at Voorhees College in South Carolina.

* The Mother-to-Mother Scholarship Fund was also established in 2002 at Bennett College in North Carolina to assist student mothers with academic and professional assistance.

* The M.O.D. Rutgers Scholarship Fund is administered by Rutgers University and is available to student mothers in financial need. From 1999-2002, M.O.D. donated nearly $9000 this fund.

Mothers Off Duty Summer Camp Stipend In 1998, M.O.D. initiated the Summer Camp Stipend. Partnering with the local YWCA, M.O.D. provides tuition for up to four needy children from local shelters to attend Camp Lenoloc, a two-week sleep-away camp located in upstate New York.

The Mother of Distinction (M.O.D.) Award The Alice P. Hawkins and Delores Capers Gamble Mother of Distinction Awards honor mothers who have successfully balanced parenting with their professional lives, while at the same time making a difference in the lives of others. The organization seeks to honor everyday heroines who are working in their local communities to better things, particularly for women and children. Each honoree receives a $500 award to donate to her favorite charity.

Past honorees include:

* Lorraine Madry, Executive Director of the Urban Woman's Retreat, a shelter for battered women in Harlem, New York
* Marie Dutton Brown, a literary agent whose successful career in publishing has helped bring multicultural talent to the world's bookshelves
* Dr. Montrae Thomas, a New Jersey pediatrician whose mentoring and pro bono work has provided much needed medical attention and information to her community.

Annual Fundraisers and Events

* Mothers Off Duty Annual Gala and Auction
* Mothers Of Distinction Award Gospel Brunch

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