Short Research and Professional Visits Grants for Indian Students in UK

1.       Introduction to the scholarship

The Charles Wallace India Trust is offering short-term research and professional visit grants for the Indian students in the United Kingdom. The scholarship is exclusively provided in the fields of history, archaeology, history of art, philosophy, performing and creative arts, and literature. The scholarships are granted annually for the period of 3 weeks. There are up to 10 to 15 grants to be provided annually of up to the £1400 towards the costs in the United Kingdom for the short term research and professional visits. The applications are to be sent before the deadline. 

The grants are about 10 to 15 scholarships for short research and professional visits by the academic research scholars and professionals who are working in the field of arts, heritage conservation, and the humanities. The applicants who would like to stay longer or travel much in the United Kingdom need to supplement CWIT’s grant from sources such as a grant from the Indian council of historical research. 

2.       Scholarship provider

The scholarship is provided by the Charles Wallace India Trust, United Kingdom.  

3.       Scholarship coverage

There are 10-15 grants annually for up to £1400 towards the UK costs of short research and professional grant visits by academic research scholars and professionals working in the arts, heritage conservation and the humanities.  

4.       Scholarship duration

The grants are generally sufficient for up to three weeks.

5.       Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria.
1.       The applicant should be Indian citizens or citizens in India.
2.       The candidate should be in the age group of 25 to 45.
3.       The candidate should have good knowledge of English.
4.       The candidate should have completed their studies and need to have 4 years of study in the research or experience in their specialisation or be in the final stages of their doctorate.
5.       The candidate state clearly and exactly what they want to do in United Kingdom and which archival material they wish to consult.
6.       The candidate should not have received a CWIT grant within the previous 5 years.
7.       The candidate should use their experience on their return to India.     
8.       The candidate should not have received a grant in the next five years.

6.       Application process 

The candidate should apply directly to CWIT in London via email  The applications should include the following.
1.       The candidate should include brief CV and email address, postal address, and photo.     
2.       The candidate should have emergency details and contact details in India.
3.       The candidate should submit clearly what they want to achieve in the United Kingdom.
4.       The candidate should give assurance that they are in the eligible age group and haven’t received a CWIT grant in the last 5 years.    

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