INSEAD Business School MBA Scholarship

Scholarship details
The INSEAD business school is inviting applications from the candidates of developing countries who are in need of financial support to fulfil their aspirations. The scholarship program is known to be ‘INSEAD Business School MBA Scholarship’.  The scholarship is awarded to candidates who wish to pursue the masters program of MBA at the INSEAD Business School. The candidates have to return to their home country after the completion of the master’s program. This scholarship is awarded to the candidates once in a year to the candidates from disadvantaged background from a developing country.
The financial need of the candidate is taken into consideration for the award of the scholarship. The candidates are required to demonstrate their situation of the financial need. The award is more likely to be provided to the candidate who will return to their home country or to the region of their unforeseeable future. 
 Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship are given below.
1.       The candidate should be in a position to demonstrate the need of financial need and assistance to fulfil their dreams and furnish the entire details.
2.       Once the program is over, the candidate is supposed to return to their home country or to the region of their origin.
3.       The important consideration for the scholarship award is the financial need of the candidate.
4.       These scholarships are awarded to the candidates who are from the developing nations and countries and their financial background is grim to support this master’s level program.

Areas of study
The study subject is the MBA program at the INSEAD business school for the scholarship to be awarded to the candidate. The level of study for the scholarship is a master’s level.

Scholarship for international students
The scholarship is awarded to the students from developing countries. The countries which are eligible are given below.
Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, Georgia, Egypt, Philippines, Thailand, China, Maldives, Turkey, Mauritius, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Benin, Jamaica, Colombia, South Africa, Jordan, Bhutan, Iraq, Romania, Argentina, Malaysia, Korea, Cambodia, Togo, Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Brazil, Kazakhstan. The candidates from the countries can apply to the MBA programme at the Business school.

Scholarship amount
The scholarship awards are worth €10,000.  The selection of the candidates is based on the candidate’s financial need.  

How to apply
The applications must be submitted online. The scholarship to be considered, the candidate should furnish the entire details of the application form of a need-based scholarship application.

Last date to submit the application for the Scholarship
The applications should be submitted before the last date of 16th July, 2014 for the commencement of the program at the business school. The semester starts at December 2015.

Central Coffee Research Institute Chikmagalur Fellowships Program

Scholarship details
The central coffee research institute chikmagalur fellowships are invited from the scholars and students for the temporary position for the project titled ‘’Soil Fertility Appraisal and Temporal Soil Health Monitoring in Traditional Coffee Growing Regions”. The junior research fellows are required for the collaborative project carried out at the central coffee research Institute, coffee research station, chikmagalur. It is a project jointly carried out by the NBSS and LUP under the XII five year plan taken over by the division of the agricultural chemistry at the research institute.
Number of Fellowships present
The number of fellowships given out for the above mentioned JRF position is about 3. Only three seats are vacant for the above mentioned positions.

Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned position are given below. The scholars who satisfy the above mentioned eligibility criteria are only eligible for the position.
1.       The candidate is required to have M.Sc in Agricultural sciences and pure sciences subjects like chemistry, industrial chemistry or any other related subjects.
2.       The candidate’s age should be around 28 years as on January, 2014.

Important instructions
The candidates are required to read the instructions before hand in order to get selected with the position. They should keep all these instructions in mind.
1.       The appointment of JRF and the position is purely a temporary ad-hoc position.
2.       The position of JRF is liable to get terminated without any prior information to the candidate if it is known that the candidate’s assignments are negligent and the devotion towards their work is not satisfactory.
3.       The candidate is eligible for HRA and medical benefits as per the rules of Coffee board.
4.       The candidate however is not entitled to the benefits of travel allowance and DA as applicable and given to the employees of the coffee board.
5.       The candidate is entitled to avail the benefit of casual leave for eight days in a calendar year and general closed holidays.
6.       The candidate should not abstain from work without any prior information. If so, the candidate will not be paid any remuneration for such absences.
7.       The candidate should furnish a write-up about the detailed plan of his position. He/she may not be entitled for any kind of permanent position or regular employment with the coffee board after the position is terminated.
8.       The candidate should provide a one month notice if he/she would like to resign from the position.

Fellowship amount
The fellowship amount for the above mentioned fellowship is a consolidated pay of INR 12,000 per month.

Work Nature
The nature of work is mostly field work. The field work is mostly related to soil survey, systematic soil sample collection for fertility.
There will be an evaluation in coffee growing areas in three states. They are Karnataka, kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Selection Procedure
The candidates interested in the above position can walk-in along with their certificates and Bio-data for an interview on 28th January, 2014 at 10.00 am at the mentioned address.

Central Coffee Research Institute,
Coffee Research Station,


Karnatak University Senior / Junior Research Fellow

Fellowship details
The applications are invited for the JRF/SRF position by the Karnatak University, Dharwad for the department of Bio chemistry to work in the CSIR sponsored major collaborative research project with the National centre of Cell science, Pune. The collaborative research project by the CSIR helps the scholars to boost their innovative skills and assist them with their aspiring dreams. 

Project details
The project details for the fellowships are given below
Title of the Project: Exploring the potential of RBL, a Cytotoxic Lectin from Rhizoctonia Bataticola for ovarian cancer research: molecular signalling involved in RBL mediated Cyto-toxicity in ovarian cancer cells by in vitro and in vivo studies.

JRF position and duration of the project
The positions for the project namely SRF and JRF both require a minimum of 24 months with the project. The project duration may or may not get extended for more than 2 years. These JRF/SRF positions are thus required as long as the project continues.   

Eligibility Criteria
The fellowship has the following eligibility criteria for both the SRF/JRF positions.

For the position of SRF
1.       The SRF fellow is required to M.Sc Biochemistry with a minimum of 55 percentage in aggregate.
2.       The fellow should have at least 2 years of research experience or training in protein purification and characterisation.
3.       The candidates who have research experience in cell biology techniques are most preferred for the SRF position.
In case, the SRF position/fellowship is not filled, the position for the JRF is considered for the same position.

For the position of JRF
The position of JRF has the following eligibility criteria.
1.       The candidates are required to possess M.Sc Biochemistry with a minimum of 55 percentage in aggregate.
2.       The fellow should be qualified with NET-JRF/GATE score. The candidate with the valid score will only be eligible for the JRF position.

Fellowship amount
The CSIR has announced its guidelines and rules for the fellowship amount to be provided for the SRF positions and JRF positions.
The SRF position is given a fellowship amount of Rs.14,000/- to Rs.18,000/- per month along with HRA (House Rent allowance) as per the guidelines followed by the CSIR.
The JRF position is given a fellowship amount of Rs. 12,000/- to 16,000/- per month along with HRA as per the guidelines followed by the CSIR.

How to apply
The applications for the above mentioned positions are to be submitted in the following method.
Applications written on a plain paper with complete Bio-Data of the candidate should be accompanied with copies of certificates, two reference letters and the research papers published.
The application should reach the below address on or before the last date of 18th January, 2014.
Dr. Shashikala R. Inamdar,
Principal Investigator, CSIR Project,
Department of Biochemistry,
Karnatak University, Dharwad-580003

CII Prime Ministers Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research

Scholarship details
The Confederation of India Industry (CII) and the Science of Engineering and Research (SERB), Government of India has joined together to offer Prime ministers fellowship scheme for the positions of doctoral research. Every year, the CII and the SERB together joins to provide around 100 fellowships to scholars leading to pursue the PhD positions. The main objective of the joint venture of CII and the SERB is to produce future leaders in the fields of Industrial Research and development.
The scheme is to attract talented fellows for doctoral research, help and assist them to provide exposure to international best practices, inspire them to achieve their ambition and aspirations. The scheme also allows them to explore their innovative ideas and give a boost to their industrial research by academic institutions. This joint venture is important to provide double sponsorship (one from the sponsoring company and the second from the Government) for the doctoral fellows.

Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship are given below.
1.       The scholar or the doctoral fellow should have obtained the registration of the full time PhD program during the month of December of the current academic session or year in any recognised University/Institute/Research laboratory in India.
2.       Before the application of PhD, the doctoral fellow should get prior intimation and acceptance for an industry partner who can not only support financially for the research project but also to lend intellectual and technical support.

Number of fellowships
The number of fellowships every year they provide is around 100 doctoral fellowships.

Fellowship duration
The duration of the fellowship is around a maximum of 4 years. This is primarily a research oriented program which allows the fellowship owner to continue with the research related activity leading to a full-time research PhD degree.

Fellowship fee
The fellowship provides a fee amount of 6 lakhs per annum for a period of four years. The doctoral fellow is thus entitled for a fellowship amount of 6 lakhs every year during the entire course of PhD degree.

How to apply
 The scholar has to submit the application form online. The online application forms and its detailed information can be obtained from the official website called
The joint committee of the CII and the SERB which is known as Apex council conducts proper monitoring of projects and a pure transparent level of selection occurs.

Further details
The further information about the fellowship can be obtained from the below address or the contact given below.
SS Kohli,
DST. Email id:  or
Shalini S. Sharma,
Head-Higher Education,
CII. Email Id : and

Last date of the online application
The last date for the submission of the doctoral fellowships-online applications have been extended and can be submitted before the end of January.

Margadarshi Fellowship

Scholarship details
The Margadarshi fellowship scheme, launched by the Wellcome trust and the DBT India alliance is the biomedical research fellowship program. The main objective of the Mardarshi fellowship is to help biomedical scientists and scholars to pursue their research in a well planned manner with benefits such as research related expenses, funds for the international travel and the competitive salary. The biomedical scientists who are interested in the fields of veterinary science, public health, clinical research and basic science are all eligible to apply for the above mentioned scholarship.  

Scholarship benefits
The research fellowship provides the following benefits and provisions to the fellows.
1.       The competitive salary for the researchers in terms of assistant professors.
2.       Required funds to support and arrange the meetings, scientific gatherings, and for the collaborative visits.
3.       Financial support for the equipment required, animals for the research related activity and the consumables required.
4.       The host institution heads which are required.

Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria for the scholarship are given below.
1.       The candidates of all the nationalities and origin who wish to pursue a career in research in India are eligible to apply for the fellowship.
2.       There is no barrier of age limit for the fellowship.
3.       The candidates are expected to have their own independent laboratory for at least 10 years or more with a strong scientific background.
4.       The candidates who are clinicians and public health professionals with required qualifications and experience are also eligible to apply for the fellowship.
5.       The candidates must have monitored young scientists and researchers.
6.       The candidates should have demonstrated leadership skills and should have organised collaborations.
7.       The candidate should have contributed significant scientific research.

How to Apply
The candidates are required to download the application form from the official website of and a PDF copy of the application for should be emailed to the email id
The India alliance should be contacted before by the candidates to understand their suitability of their candidature for the fellowship. The application should have their complete CV details and the details of the plan of the research.
The sponsor and the applicant should submit a joint application for the fellowship. The sponsor has to submit their own application for sponsorship form and email it to the
A note to the applicants: The sponsorship form has to be filled by the sponsor and not by the applicant.  Any breach in the confidential information will subject to the disqualification of the application.
The selection of the applicant is informed to the India alliance and will seek a detailed plan about the budget of the research activity in consultation of the sponsor.

Further Information
The further information about the fellowship can be obtained from the official website of the Margadarshi foundation.

University of Hyderabad Junior Research Fellow

Scholarship details
The University of Hyderabad is inviting applications for the junior research fellowships from the eligible candidates under SERB, University of Hyderabad.

Scholarship positions and the various departments
The following are the scholarship positions provided by the University of Hyderabad.
1.       The school of chemistry, University of Hyderabad is inviting applications for the position of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF).

Project name: The DST sponsored project named ‘Proton Exchange Membranes from nanostructured Polybenzimidazeles’, under the Prof. Tushar Jana, School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad.
2.       The department of Plant sciences, university of Hyderabad is inviting applications for the position of Junior Research fellowship (JRF) under the Attipalli Reddy.

Project name: Photosynthesis and hydraulic conductance in Mulberry under drought which is funded by the DST, New Delhi.

Eligibility Criteria for the JRF of the department of the plant sciences
The Eligibility criteria for the above mentioned positions are given as follows.
1.       The interested candidates for the above JRF position are required to submit their application forms with details of academic qualifications.
2.       The copies of the certificates and mark sheets should be attested and are to be enclosed along with the application form.
3.       The position is completely a temporary post and can remain till the duration of the project.
4.       The candidates are required to furnish their complete details such as contact number, email id and complete postal address along with application.
5.       The candidate should be M.Sc in plantsciences/biochemistry/biosciences/biotechnology/Life sciences and other related subjects.
6.       The shortlisted candidates will be asked to attend the interview at the school of life sciences, University of Hyderabad. 

Scholarship emoluments
The scholarship fee for the above mentioned position is known to b around 12,000 rupees per month and eligible HRA.

Duration of the project
The duration of the project is until the month of May, 2015 from the date of joining to the    fellowship.

Eligibility Criteria for the JRF position at the School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad
1.       The candidates are required to have a qualification of M.Sc in chemistry with good academic records.
2.       The candidates should be qualified with UGC JRF/NET –LS/ Gate qualification or the UGC CSIR score.
3.       The candidates should have studied polymer chemistry as a subject in B.Sc or M.Sc studies.
Scholarship emoluments
The scholarship emoluments for the scholarship are given as 16,000 rupees per month plus eligible HRA.  

Duration of the scholarship
The duration of the scholarship is till the month of June, 2015 from the date of joining the fellowship.

How to apply
The applications should be sent either in the form of hard copies or in the form of online applications to the address given below.
Prof. Tushar Jana,
School of Chemistry,
University of Hyderabad,

Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarships for Higher Studies

Scholarship details
The Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship under the scholarship scheme provides scholarships in terms of loan which are interest-free scholarships to the outstanding Indian students with a good academic score. The scholarship is awarded to the students who are desirous of pursuing the post graduate studies in the fields of pure sciences, applied sciences, social sciences and Humanities, Management and architectural studies at prestigious Indian universities and world-renowned International universities.

Scholarship fee
The scholarship amount is provided to the students based on the assessment done by the foundation. The scholarship fee of up to a maximum of Rupees 20 lakh is provided to the students and candidates desirous of pursuing higher studies.

Eligibility Criteria
The ‘Narotam Sekhsaria scholarships for the higher studies’ is eligible for the candidates who satisfy the following eligibility criteria.
1.       The candidate should be an Indian citizen
2.       The candidate should be below the age of 30 years.
3.       The candidates who are graduates of a recognised university. Recent graduates or the students who are awaiting their final semester results can also apply for the scholarship.
4.       The students who have sought admission in the universities for the post graduate courses for the fall intake are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
5.       The candidates awaiting for the decision of the admission in the universities in India or abroad universities are also eligible to apply for the scholarship. 

Application Procedure
The Narotham Sekhsaria scholarship for higher studies is to be applied through online. The narotham Sekhsaria scholarship is invited by the foundation every year during the January, 2014. The mode of application is thus online only. The candidates are required to fill up the application details and get registered at the link

The login credentials will then be generated once the registration is completed.
An application fee of Rs.500 is payable to the foundation either through online net banking or through the demand draft which should be issued in favour of the Narotam Sekhsaria foundation.
Once the payment is received by the foundation, the candidate is required to fill the details either through the online submission or through the print out submission offline on or before the last date of the submission.

How to apply
The candidates will be required to complete the submission for the selection of the next round of the interview process.  The application should be supported with all the necessary documents given below.

1.       Mark sheets of tenth, twelfth, mark sheets and certificates of the graduate degree, degree certificates.
2.       Copy of the Passport attested
3.       Passport size photograph
4.       Letter of reference sealed in envelopes.
5.        Copy of the admission letter from the university
6.       Income tax returns of parents.

Dept. of Biotechnology Junior Research Fellowship

The applications are invited from the Indian nationals for the DBT-junior research fellowship (DBT-JRF) for pursuing the research in the fields of applied biology and biotechnology. The scholarship is provided to the students under the two categories, category 1 and category 2. The category 1 of the fellowship involves the students to register Ph.D as they are tenable to get admission in any University/college in India.
 The category 2 involves the students will be eligible for the DBT sponsored project ad can avail the fellowship as per the guidelines which is equivalent to the NET/GATE qualifications. The selection process is always subject to the selection process by the institution and the university. The selection of the category 2 does not subject to the DST-JRF fellowship.

Scholarship details
The scholarship details can further be obtained from the NCCS official website .

Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship are given below.
1.       The candidates who have pursued M.Sc/M.Tech /M.V.Sc with Biotechnology specialisation such as medical, Marine, Biotechnology, Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Animal/Veterinary,Food, Bio-resources, Biochemical engineering, Bioinformatics, M.Sc Neuroscience and Molecular and Human genomics.
2.       The students who have pursued B.E/B.Tech in biotechnology (4 year course after 10+2) which is recognised by the ICTE are also eligible for the BET examination.
3.       The candidates should be below the age of 28 years for the open category as on the date of 28th February, 2014.
4.       The candidates should have a minimum of 60 percentage for the general category and the candidates for the OBC category should have 55 percentage.
5.       The candidates should have 55 percentage if they belong to the SC/ST category.

Mode of selection
The candidates are selected on the basis of the Biotechnology eligibility test (BET) which is a single session online test. This year, BET examination is conducted on the 20th April, 2014 at 10am. The test centres are New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Patna, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram.  

Application process
The application process for the fellowship is given below. The candidates are required to register and apply online in the prescribed format which is available at the URL  The application form can be downloaded from the 20th February, 2014.
The important details about the application from and eligibility criteria are all available in the official website for the candidate to pursue beforehand.

Last date for the online application from
The deadline for the application form to be submitted is on or before the date of 20th February, 2014.

Further details
The general/OBC candidates are required to pay an application fee of about 500 rupees. The SC/ST candidates are exempted from the payment of the application fee.

GIIS Singapore Scholarship for Class X students

Scholarship Details
The Global Indian International School, Singapore is inviting applications for the GIS global citizen scholarship for the outstanding students of class 10th. It is a fully paid scholarship for the International Baccalaureate program (DP) for the two years, year1 and year 2. Also, it provides the scholarship for the class X1 and X11 students for the academic years of study 2014- 2016.
The GIIS Singapore scholarship has so far produced two IB toppers throughout the Asian continent and many others who have a near perfect score in the educational arena and outstanding knowledge. The GIIS is the only known international school which has provided top two IB candidates worldwide and has been since a benchmark for many students to score high and educate themselves.

Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship are given below.
1.       The candidates should have English as the first language. The CBSE students should have grade-1 in all the subjects for the finals in class IX and the pre-board of class X.
2.       The State board and the ICSE candidates should have 90 percentile or above in all the subjects in class IX and the pre-board of class X.
3.       The IGCSE candidates should have a minimum of Grade A in all the subjects in class IX and the pre-board of class X. They should have good score in the extended curriculum as well.
About the written test
The written test is conducted for the candidates on the basis of General Ability, Mathematics, English and Logical reasoning. The candidates will have a notification about the written test during the end of March 2014. The shortlisted candidates will be required to clear the test in the first place and will be invited for the interview process in the end of May/ early in June.

The selected candidates in the interview process will be required to leave for Singapore by the end of June 2014. The board exam mark sheets will be declared on the provision of the results.
The test centres include Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Indore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Noida and Surat.

How to apply
The candidates are required to download the scholarship application form and print it from the official website of the . The form has to be completely filled in with all the mandatory fields and should be mailed along with the following documents.
1.       Mark sheets of class 10 pre-board examination.
2.       Mark sheets of class 9 examination
3.       Two passport size photos
4.       A detailed CV
5.       Extra-curricular achievements

The address to be mailed by the applicant is
Programme Manager – (GIIS Scholarship),
GIIS India, Plot No. D-5,
Noida -201301, Uttar Pradesh.

Further Details
The further important details about the scholarship are given in the official website
For information, the candidates can contact the number +91 7588886800 or email the given id

London Metropolitan University Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship

The London Metropolitan University has been set up during the year 1848 with strong educational background and roots. The merging that happened between two universities present in the United Kingdom (UK) namely the London Guildhall University and the University of North London in 2002 has now created the London metropolitan University as you see it today. But the background of the university still lies in the fact that it was the pioneer in establishing the famous Metropolitan Evening classes for the young men studying various evening classes at the University.

Scholarship details
The London Metropolitan University has come up with the scholarship by name ‘ Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship’ to the candidates in respect of the father of India ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ and to honour this great spiritual and political leader of the Indian country. The scholarship allows the student from Indian province to study at the university and fulfil their ambitions of achieving their Master’s degree programme.

Number of scholarship
The number of scholarships provided for the scholarship is one. One student is allowed to study at the London Metropolitan University at the Master’s degree level which allows them to cover their entire tuition fee using the scholarship amount.

 Two other Indian students will receive 50 percentage waive off or reduction in their tuition fee for the course chosen.

Eligibility Criteria
The scholarship is provided to the most promising and outstanding students from India with a very strong educational and academic records. The scholarship holder is also expected to perform and demonstrate excellent leadership skills just as the exemplified Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the nation.
The eligibility criteria for the above scholarship are follows.
1.       The candidate must be having at least 80 percentile or above in the class 10th board score.
2.       The candidate must be having at least 80 percentile or above in the class 12th board score.
3.       Must be holding the unconditional offer of study at the London Metropolitan University to study one of the London Met courses at the Masters level.
4.       Must have a first class Bachelors Honours degree from a recognised Indian University.
5.       Should have IELTS overall score must be 7.5 and should have a minimum score of 7.0 in all the individual components of the IELTS examination.
6.       Must be a citizen of India. An Indian national is only eligible for the above mentioned scholarship.

How to apply for the scholarship
The applicants can apply to the scholarship after downloading it from the official website of the London metropolitan University.
The candidates who are shortlisted will be asked for a group discussion with the selection panel and to present a six minute presentation followed by a Q&A at the Delhi Gandhi Smriti.

Last date for applying to the scholarship
The last date for applying the scholarship towards the September intake is 30th April, 2014.

Ramalingaswami Re-Entry Fellowship

The research scholarships which may be helpful to the Indian nationals who are overseas candidates doing research in any of the overseas universities can apply for the Ramalingaswami Re-entry fellowship. The granting agency for the above mentioned Ramalingaswami Re-Entry fellowship is the department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The application procedure starts from the DBT publishing the advertisements about the fellowship on its official website and its official newsletter in BioTech news.

Scholarship amount
The scholarship amount under this scheme are awarded the ninthly remuneration of INR 75,000 per month (INR 85,000 per month with effect from April 2014).The fellowship is providing the scholars the house rent allowance of Rs.7500. The host institutes will be allowing the accommodation of the fellows. In such cases, the host institutes need not provide house rent allowance.

The research fellows are allowed a contingency grant of 10 lakhs in the first year, 7.50 lakhs for the second year, and 5 lakhs for the third year for the international travel, consumables, minor equipment, engaging manpower and other contingency benefits.

Eligibility criteria for the re-entry scholarship
1.       The scientists and candidates who possess or are working areas of biotechnology, life sciences, biotechnology, health care (human and animal), bio-energy, agriculture and veterinary biotechnology are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
2.       The candidate should possess an equivalent degree in research line or the PhD degree in life sciences, bioinformatics, agriculture or M.Tech in medicine, engineering or technology etc.
3.       The candidates should have an excellent track record with research publications and recognitions.
4.       The candidate can only avail fellowship or the salary if the candidate is offered a permanent position through the research fellowship.
5.       The researchers who are up to the age of 55 years can apply for the scholarship as on the time of applying for the scholarship.
6.       The researchers are required to have extensive research experience for at least three years after the post doctoral research fellowship.

Tenure of the fellowship
The tenure of the fellowship is for five years allowing them to explore the area of research in the research centres. The fellowship is extendable to the next term after an appraisal of the fellow is satisfactory in exceptional cases.

Number of Fellowships
Every year, the fellowships awarded to the candidates are around fifty. The application needs to be submitted to the Ministry before the last date of 31st January, 2014.

How to Apply
The applications may be downloaded from the website and are to be sent by the authority to the address given below.

Dr. MeenakshiMunshi,
Department of Biotechnology,
Blok-2, 7*1 Floor, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road,
New Delhi -110 003.

RBI Scholarship Scheme for Faculty Members

The Reserve Bank of India is inviting scholarships for the faculty positions for the year 2014. The full time economics or finance teachers are the faculty members who are the target positions for this scholarship. These scholarships are provided to the full time faculty members who are teaching finance or economics in UGC-recognised universities and colleges in India. The short term research projects help the faculty members

Scholarship Details
The scholarship details are given below. The main goal and the objective of the scholarship is to increase the awareness about the procedures and activities done by the Reserve bank of India for the faculty members and in the student community. Such scholarships make the students and faculty members improve their skills and help them to attain their goals and aspirations. The scholarship involves the areas of research like banking, real sector issues, financial economics and monetary research areas.
Eligibility criteria for the scholarship
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship is given as follows.
1.       The faculty should be a full-time faculty position teaching economics and finance.
2.       The faculty should be teaching full-time in any UGC recognised university/college in India.
3.       The faculty should be a citizen of India.
4.       The age of the faculty scholar should be less than 55 years of age.

Total number of scholarships
The total number of scholarships shelled out to the faculty members are three. These scholarships

Duration of the scholarship
The duration of the scholarship and the project is for the 3 months.

Roles and responsibilities for the scholar
The hard copy of the application forms should reach the ‘The Director, Development Research group, Department of economic and policy research, 7th Floor, central Office building, Reserve Bank of India, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001’.
The application is to be sent along with the research proposal and detailed curriculum vitae.

Last date for the project to be submitted
The project is to be submitted within 3 months. The project is meant to be a short-term project assisting faculty members with research facilities and work.

Selection Procedure
The candidates and the applicants must send out a research proposal which is not more than 1000 words and the detailed curriculum vitae to the above mentioned address. The candidates will be selected on the basis of curriculum vitae and the research proposal they have made out to the Reserve bank of India.
The shortlisted candidates are then intimated and are allowed to take up the interview process. The selection panel interviews the candidates and helps RBI to select the best from the shortlisted candidates.

The candidates are then allowed to take up the research positions for the research theme RBI has decided upon.

PRL Research Fellowship Programme

Scholarship details
The applications are invited for the junior research fellowships from the young researchers and highly motivated individuals in the Physical research laboratory, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. The fellowships start in August 2014 in the research areas of solar physics, planetary sciences, Astronomy, space and atmospheric sciences, Astrophysics, Geophysics, Experimental laser and atomic physics, Theoretical physics. The research fellowships on completion of it successfully will lad to a PhD degree entry at the physical research laboratory.

Eligibility Criteria for the scholarship
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship is given below.
1.       The Candidates applying for the scholarship/fellowship should be having Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in physics, chemistry, earth sciences of related areas and fields.
2.       The Candidate should be Bachelor’s and Master’s degree with first class or equivalent. The candidate should be academically sound, good knowledge with a research oriented mindset.
3.       The Candidates who are expecting their results in the month of August, 2014 can also apply.

Fellowship amount
The fellowship amount for the above mentioned scholarship is a consolidated pay of 16,000 rupees for the first two years and can be increased from the third year to 18,000 rupees subject to the satisfactory performance of the candidate during the first two terms or years of the fellowship.

How to apply
The application form can be downloaded from the official website for offline applications. The online applications need to be submitted through the Physics research laboratory website URL of http: //’. The website of the PRL can assist you with the application form to be sent via online.
The candidates who do not have internet access can submit the application forms in hard copy by sending a request first to the academic services. They can send their request for application forms to the ‘The Head, Academic services, Physical Research laboratory, Navrangpur, Ahmedabad- 380009’.
The request for the hard copy of the application form should be done only when the candidates has the required minimum skills, qualifications and age limit with a self-addressed form of envelope (25cm * 75cm) super-scribed with ‘PRL  JRF 2014’.

Age Limit
The age limit for the fellowship should not exceed 25 years as on 31st December, 1988. The fellowship requires the scholars to be young, dynamic and highly motivated about the area of research.

Last date for the application form to be submitted
The last date for the application form to be submitted is on 26th March, 2014 for online applications. The last date for the offline applications (which are to be sent through post/speed post/courier) falls on 30th march, 2014.

Further details
The further details about the fellowship can be obtained from the official website of Physical research laboratory, Ahmedabad.