Margadarshi Fellowship

Scholarship details
The Margadarshi fellowship scheme, launched by the Wellcome trust and the DBT India alliance is the biomedical research fellowship program. The main objective of the Mardarshi fellowship is to help biomedical scientists and scholars to pursue their research in a well planned manner with benefits such as research related expenses, funds for the international travel and the competitive salary. The biomedical scientists who are interested in the fields of veterinary science, public health, clinical research and basic science are all eligible to apply for the above mentioned scholarship.  

Scholarship benefits
The research fellowship provides the following benefits and provisions to the fellows.
1.       The competitive salary for the researchers in terms of assistant professors.
2.       Required funds to support and arrange the meetings, scientific gatherings, and for the collaborative visits.
3.       Financial support for the equipment required, animals for the research related activity and the consumables required.
4.       The host institution heads which are required.

Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria for the scholarship are given below.
1.       The candidates of all the nationalities and origin who wish to pursue a career in research in India are eligible to apply for the fellowship.
2.       There is no barrier of age limit for the fellowship.
3.       The candidates are expected to have their own independent laboratory for at least 10 years or more with a strong scientific background.
4.       The candidates who are clinicians and public health professionals with required qualifications and experience are also eligible to apply for the fellowship.
5.       The candidates must have monitored young scientists and researchers.
6.       The candidates should have demonstrated leadership skills and should have organised collaborations.
7.       The candidate should have contributed significant scientific research.

How to Apply
The candidates are required to download the application form from the official website of and a PDF copy of the application for should be emailed to the email id
The India alliance should be contacted before by the candidates to understand their suitability of their candidature for the fellowship. The application should have their complete CV details and the details of the plan of the research.
The sponsor and the applicant should submit a joint application for the fellowship. The sponsor has to submit their own application for sponsorship form and email it to the
A note to the applicants: The sponsorship form has to be filled by the sponsor and not by the applicant.  Any breach in the confidential information will subject to the disqualification of the application.
The selection of the applicant is informed to the India alliance and will seek a detailed plan about the budget of the research activity in consultation of the sponsor.

Further Information
The further information about the fellowship can be obtained from the official website of the Margadarshi foundation.

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