Central Coffee Research Institute Chikmagalur Fellowships Program

Scholarship details
The central coffee research institute chikmagalur fellowships are invited from the scholars and students for the temporary position for the project titled ‘’Soil Fertility Appraisal and Temporal Soil Health Monitoring in Traditional Coffee Growing Regions”. The junior research fellows are required for the collaborative project carried out at the central coffee research Institute, coffee research station, chikmagalur. It is a project jointly carried out by the NBSS and LUP under the XII five year plan taken over by the division of the agricultural chemistry at the research institute.
Number of Fellowships present
The number of fellowships given out for the above mentioned JRF position is about 3. Only three seats are vacant for the above mentioned positions.

Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned position are given below. The scholars who satisfy the above mentioned eligibility criteria are only eligible for the position.
1.       The candidate is required to have M.Sc in Agricultural sciences and pure sciences subjects like chemistry, industrial chemistry or any other related subjects.
2.       The candidate’s age should be around 28 years as on January, 2014.

Important instructions
The candidates are required to read the instructions before hand in order to get selected with the position. They should keep all these instructions in mind.
1.       The appointment of JRF and the position is purely a temporary ad-hoc position.
2.       The position of JRF is liable to get terminated without any prior information to the candidate if it is known that the candidate’s assignments are negligent and the devotion towards their work is not satisfactory.
3.       The candidate is eligible for HRA and medical benefits as per the rules of Coffee board.
4.       The candidate however is not entitled to the benefits of travel allowance and DA as applicable and given to the employees of the coffee board.
5.       The candidate is entitled to avail the benefit of casual leave for eight days in a calendar year and general closed holidays.
6.       The candidate should not abstain from work without any prior information. If so, the candidate will not be paid any remuneration for such absences.
7.       The candidate should furnish a write-up about the detailed plan of his position. He/she may not be entitled for any kind of permanent position or regular employment with the coffee board after the position is terminated.
8.       The candidate should provide a one month notice if he/she would like to resign from the position.

Fellowship amount
The fellowship amount for the above mentioned fellowship is a consolidated pay of INR 12,000 per month.

Work Nature
The nature of work is mostly field work. The field work is mostly related to soil survey, systematic soil sample collection for fertility.
There will be an evaluation in coffee growing areas in three states. They are Karnataka, kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Selection Procedure
The candidates interested in the above position can walk-in along with their certificates and Bio-data for an interview on 28th January, 2014 at 10.00 am at the mentioned address.

Central Coffee Research Institute,
Coffee Research Station,



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