CII Prime Ministers Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research

Scholarship details
The Confederation of India Industry (CII) and the Science of Engineering and Research (SERB), Government of India has joined together to offer Prime ministers fellowship scheme for the positions of doctoral research. Every year, the CII and the SERB together joins to provide around 100 fellowships to scholars leading to pursue the PhD positions. The main objective of the joint venture of CII and the SERB is to produce future leaders in the fields of Industrial Research and development.
The scheme is to attract talented fellows for doctoral research, help and assist them to provide exposure to international best practices, inspire them to achieve their ambition and aspirations. The scheme also allows them to explore their innovative ideas and give a boost to their industrial research by academic institutions. This joint venture is important to provide double sponsorship (one from the sponsoring company and the second from the Government) for the doctoral fellows.

Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship are given below.
1.       The scholar or the doctoral fellow should have obtained the registration of the full time PhD program during the month of December of the current academic session or year in any recognised University/Institute/Research laboratory in India.
2.       Before the application of PhD, the doctoral fellow should get prior intimation and acceptance for an industry partner who can not only support financially for the research project but also to lend intellectual and technical support.

Number of fellowships
The number of fellowships every year they provide is around 100 doctoral fellowships.

Fellowship duration
The duration of the fellowship is around a maximum of 4 years. This is primarily a research oriented program which allows the fellowship owner to continue with the research related activity leading to a full-time research PhD degree.

Fellowship fee
The fellowship provides a fee amount of 6 lakhs per annum for a period of four years. The doctoral fellow is thus entitled for a fellowship amount of 6 lakhs every year during the entire course of PhD degree.

How to apply
 The scholar has to submit the application form online. The online application forms and its detailed information can be obtained from the official website called
The joint committee of the CII and the SERB which is known as Apex council conducts proper monitoring of projects and a pure transparent level of selection occurs.

Further details
The further information about the fellowship can be obtained from the below address or the contact given below.
SS Kohli,
DST. Email id:  or
Shalini S. Sharma,
Head-Higher Education,
CII. Email Id : and

Last date of the online application
The last date for the submission of the doctoral fellowships-online applications have been extended and can be submitted before the end of January.


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