INSEAD Business School MBA Scholarship

Scholarship details
The INSEAD business school is inviting applications from the candidates of developing countries who are in need of financial support to fulfil their aspirations. The scholarship program is known to be ‘INSEAD Business School MBA Scholarship’.  The scholarship is awarded to candidates who wish to pursue the masters program of MBA at the INSEAD Business School. The candidates have to return to their home country after the completion of the master’s program. This scholarship is awarded to the candidates once in a year to the candidates from disadvantaged background from a developing country.
The financial need of the candidate is taken into consideration for the award of the scholarship. The candidates are required to demonstrate their situation of the financial need. The award is more likely to be provided to the candidate who will return to their home country or to the region of their unforeseeable future. 
 Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship are given below.
1.       The candidate should be in a position to demonstrate the need of financial need and assistance to fulfil their dreams and furnish the entire details.
2.       Once the program is over, the candidate is supposed to return to their home country or to the region of their origin.
3.       The important consideration for the scholarship award is the financial need of the candidate.
4.       These scholarships are awarded to the candidates who are from the developing nations and countries and their financial background is grim to support this master’s level program.

Areas of study
The study subject is the MBA program at the INSEAD business school for the scholarship to be awarded to the candidate. The level of study for the scholarship is a master’s level.

Scholarship for international students
The scholarship is awarded to the students from developing countries. The countries which are eligible are given below.
Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, Georgia, Egypt, Philippines, Thailand, China, Maldives, Turkey, Mauritius, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Benin, Jamaica, Colombia, South Africa, Jordan, Bhutan, Iraq, Romania, Argentina, Malaysia, Korea, Cambodia, Togo, Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Brazil, Kazakhstan. The candidates from the countries can apply to the MBA programme at the Business school.

Scholarship amount
The scholarship awards are worth €10,000.  The selection of the candidates is based on the candidate’s financial need.  

How to apply
The applications must be submitted online. The scholarship to be considered, the candidate should furnish the entire details of the application form of a need-based scholarship application.

Last date to submit the application for the Scholarship
The applications should be submitted before the last date of 16th July, 2014 for the commencement of the program at the business school. The semester starts at December 2015.


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