Ford Motor Company International Fellowship of 92nd Street Y in USA

Scholarship details
The Ford motor company along with 92nd street Y together have joined hands in providing International fellowships for the non profit management strategy and leadership training. The students of Brazil, Kenya, Malaysia, People’s Republic of china, Ghana, India, Israel, Poland, Russian federation can apply for the fellowship. 

The fellowship programme can be taken at New York City by the selected community leaders and individuals. They are required to have communication before and after the residency programme though email and phone contact. The leaders will have to positively impact their countries, and their communities and thus on the world collectively. The fellows are required to complete reading, writing and group assignments to maximise their fellowship experience and discuss their residency programme before and after the programme thereby analysing its success and impact.  The applications for these international scholarships are to be submitted by the deadline. 

Study details

The study subjects for the Ford Motor company international fellowship are the non-profit management strategy and leadership training. 

Course level

This fellowship is an intensive three week residency fellowship programme.  

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the below mentioned eligibility criteria to avail the above mentioned fellowship. 

1.       The applicants must be at least 21 years of age or older with a lot of leadership experience.
2.       The applicants must demonstrate fluency in English and have valid passports.  
3.       The applicants should have regular access to computer and internet.
4.       The applicants should not be current recipients of any other fellowships.
5.       The candidates should have varied backgrounds to provide from their varied background experience.
Some of the essential criteria are given below.
1.       The candidate should demonstrate he is a community leader in the non-profit sector.
2.       The candidate should successfully address the issues of their community and their well-being.
3.       The candidate should benefit from the three intensive residential programme.

Scholarship provider

The provider of the scholarship is Ford Motor Company and 92nd street Y. 

Scholarship can be taken at

The scholarship can be taken at USA. 

Scholarship Open for International candidates

The students from the following regions namely Brazil, Ghana, India, People’s Republic of China, Kenya, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, and Russian Federation are eligible to apply for the International students. 

Number of awards

Every year, a number of 24-25 candidates/emerging leaders will be selected from different regions. 

Duration of awards

The fellowship will be awarded for a three week intensive residential programme.
Scholarship coverage/scholarship amount

The scholarship coverage will provide the candidate with food, accommodation, airfare, transportation, instruction and other program related expenses during the fellowship. Each candidate will obtain a stipend upon arrival for the fellowship.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria for the fellowship are not known.


The notification for the fellowship is not known.  

How to apply

The mode of application for the fellowship is through email.


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