Imperial College India Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships in UK

The Imperial College, London aims to assist the Indian students in their research collaborations and increase the long term and short term collaborations/partnerships with India and the Imperial College, London. Their main aim and goal is to aid the research programmes successfully at the Imperial College London and the Imperial College India foundation just to increase the college profile in India. Thus, it aims to aid the academically outstanding students from the Imperial College India foundation helping the outstanding postgraduate students to undertake the expansion of the postgraduate programme. 
Scholarship Provider

The scholarship programme is being provided by the Imperial College India foundation, India. These scholarships are provided to enhance the research activities at the Imperial College, London. These scholarships are being provided by the alumni of the Imperial college India foundation who have decided to provide generously to the candidates with the sole aim to assist them with their postgraduate study. 

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to avail the scholarship. 

1.       The candidate should display intellectual ability and leadership potential, should be able to contribute to develop the society on his/her return to India.
2.       The candidate should have an IELTS score of 6.5 with an adequate knowledge of English.
3.       The candidate should be deemed in support of financial need.
4.       The candidate should demonstrate an intention to return to India within three years of completing the degree. 

Study subjects

The study subjects are any of the disciplines and streams to be undertaken /available for the scholarship programme at the Imperial College, London. 

Course level

The scholarship programme is for the course level of postgraduate students from Imperial College, London and Imperial College India foundation. The scholarship is thus awarded to the students who are at the post graduate level of study and are willing to continue the postgraduate study programme without any hindrance. 

Scholarship Open for international students

The scholarship is Open to the students of Imperial College, London and the imperial college India foundation, India.  

Scholarship amount

The scholarship amount is provided to the students with a scholarship amount of £40K. The scholarship helps to assist the students with the full cost of the tuition fee, maintenance allowance, some additional costs and an airfare to India.  There is add-on benefit to the above mentioned scholarship which is the benefit to applicants at the faculty of natural sciences, faculty of engineering and the Imperial college business school. 

Number of awards

The scholarship is awarded to two students from Imperial college from London and one from the Imperial college India foundation. All three are fully funded scholarships providing tuition fee for the entire period of the project/post graduate study. 

Duration of awards

The duration of the scholarship award is for the entire period of the post graduate study at India foundation and Imperial College, London. 

Application deadline

The application deadline falls on the last date of 14th March, 2014.


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