Ramanujan Research Studentship in Mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge in UK

Scholarship details
The trinity college, Cambridge in United Kingdom is pleased to offer PhD research scholarship in the field of Pure or Applied Mathematics to the applicants from India hoping to do research for the PhD degree in Cambridge. The duration of the PhD studentship is three years, leading to the PhD research. The successful student is provided with maintenance allowance, settling in allowance, studentship fees, airfare etc. The applications are to be sent before the deadline mentioned by the providers.
The research studentship is introduced to commemorate the connection between the renowned Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and Trinity College, the college aims to provide each year a Ramanujan research fellowship award/stuentship in the broad field of pure or Applied mathematics to an Indian applicant hoping to do research in for a PhD degree in the Cambridge. 

Study subjects

The studentship is provided to the successful candidate in Pure and Applied mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge University. 

Course level

The studentship is provided for the candidate for pursuing the PhD research level at Trinity College, Cambridge, United Kingdom. 

Scholarship Provider

The provider for the research level studentship is by the Trinity College, Cambridge in United Kingdom. 

Scholarship can be taken at

The scholarship can be taken by the candidates at United Kingdom. 

Eligibility criteria

The candidates who satisfy the eligibility criteria can avail the above mentioned scholarship. 

1.       The students of any university or recognised institution with a first class honours degree or equivalent or likely to pass out this academic year and have not yet begun residence in Cambridge can apply for the PhD studentship.
2.       The Ramanujan student must be accepted by the Trinity College (become a member of Trinity College) and should be accepted by the Board of graduate studies for study at the university.
3.       The candidate will be most likely expected to do the nine month course leading to a master of course in Mathematical advanced study (MASt).   

Scholarship Open for International students

The PhD studentship/scholarship is open for the Indian students/Indian nationals. 

Duration of awards

The Ramanujan student will be expected to do the nine month course on Master of Advanced study (MASt) once he/she is awarded the Ramanujan studentship award. Subject to the successful completion of the course, the candidate will be able to register for the PhD degree. The studentship will then be renewed from the month of October and is extended for the period of three further years for the PhD degree.    

Scholarship coverage/amount

The student will be provided a maintenance allowance of £ 350 for overseas students category (nine months course of MASt ) and £ 13,226 per annum for the PhD support ( for all the costs of the travel airfare too)

How to apply

The mode of application for the studentship is either by post or electronic mode.


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