Teach for India Teaching Fellowship for Graduates in India

Scholarship details
The teach for India fellowship program is a two year fellowship programme which allows the fully teaching fellows to teach the students belonging to the under-resourced and low-income schools present in India. The most promising and highly qualified graduates are taken as the full time teaching fellows to work in these schools and provide a good learning experience to the students studying there.

The fellows are put under rigorous and challenging training to teach the students develop themselves as leaders and strong individuals transforming themselves in to a better humans and excl well in their lives and careers. 

Teach for India is of the view that excellent teaching skills are similar to the excellent leadership skills in any field. 

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to qualify for the Teach for India fellowship. 

1.       The students and professionals with a full time bachelor’s degree can apply for the fellowship.
2.       The applicants need to of Indian origin or of Indian citizenship.
3.       The applicants are required to have the belief in the core values and commitment of Teach for India.
4.       The applicants should have leadership experience and potential.
5.       The applicants should have strong English communication skills.
6.       The candidates should have critical thinking ability.
7.       The applicants should have the ability to work in a challenging environment.

Duration of the fellowship

The duration of the fellowship is for two years. In the first year, Fellows will be given training to refine their teaching skills and earn respect among various stakeholders and teachers in their school group or community.

In the second year, the students will be allowed to pursue their school project. Teach for India only aims at having a long term change and in this context, two year programme is nothing but a small step towards achieving it. 

Selection criteria

Fellowship amount

The Teach for India provides the fellows with a payment of Rs.17500 per month. The fellows if in case have their city relocated to another city other than their home city, they will be allowed to have the housing allowance of Rs. 5500 to 8300 depending on the city. The fellows will also receive an allowance for school applies. 

How to apply

The applications for the next academic year are now open. To apply for the fellowship, one has to apply online. The fellowships submitted via hard copies will not be accepted. The candidate has to go through the application process given in the Teach for India official website.  

Further clarification

The candidates can email to the fellowship website email address to clarify their queries and questions. The email address is given as apply@teachforindia.org.  


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