Filipinas, Ahora Mismo

Filipinas, Ahora Mismo, or Pilipinas, Ora Mismo (English translation: Philippines, Right Now), was a nationally-syndicated, 60-minute, cultural radio magazine program in the Philippines broadcast daily in Spanish for five seasons from March 2007 to September 2009. The only one of its kind in the country, it was presented by veteran radio announcer, and stage, television and movie actor, Bon Vibar. Created by the Cádiz Press Association (or Asociación de la Prensa de Cádiz, APC) as part of the Cádiz 2012 project, the show was primarily targeted at Filipino listeners who could speak and understand Spanish. The program was a mixture of cultural, informative and educational reviews of various topics ranging from literature to cinema to history to geography to cuisine, all interspersed with traditional and modern music sung in Spanish. It aimed to promote Filipino culture and its ties with Spain, the empire that ruled the nation for 333 years. It also commemorated the forthcoming bicentenary of the Constitution of Spain of 1812, which was promulgated by the Cádiz Cortes.

The show was first broadcast in March 2007. There were no commercials in each episode as the show was fully-funded by APC and the Government of Andalucia, Spain.

Originally slated to fulfill a four-season contract, the program was renewed for a fifth season on February 20, 2009 until it aired its finale on September 1, 2009.

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