Financial Aid and Employment Opportunities for International Students at ACU

Below is a summary of the financial aid and employment opportunities that may be available to international students interested in studying Abilene Christian University.

ACU Undergraduate Students
The best source of financial aid for international students who are entering freshmen is scholarship awards based on SAT or ACT scores. Occasionally, other scholarships offered by ACU, such as the Church Match Scholarship, the Presidential Scholar Awards, the iSchool scholarship, etc. do apply to international students. A complete list of scholarships offered by ACU, along with a brief explanation of each one, can be found at the following URL:
Abilene Christian University Scholarships and Grants

Transfer Students
Transfer students granted admission to ACU with a 3.0 GPA or higher are eligible for Transfer Awards. Scholarships awarded based on SAT or ACT scores do not apply to transfer students. More information about transfer awards can be found at the following URL:

Athletics and Music
Other scholarships may be available for those with outstanding musical or athletic ability. To find out more, students should contact the ACU Athletic Department or Music Department accordingly.

Graduate Students
For graduate students, financial aid is awarded by each department via scholarships and graduate assistantships. Opportunities for graduate assistantships are limited, so prospective graduate students need to apply for these positions as early as possible.

Graduate School of Theology
The ACU Graduate School of Theology (GST) does offer generous tuition discounts to qualified graduate students. In general, students can receive a minimum of a 70% tuition discount and may apply for additional aid. Please see the GST website for more detailed information.

Sponsored Students
A small handful of students do find sponsors for their education in the way of generous individuals, supporting organizations or government programs. However, the Center for International and Intercultural Education does not actively seek out sponsors on behalf of students. It is the sole responsibility of prospective students to secure financial support for their education beyond any amount that ACU may offer in financial aid.

International students are not able to secure loans from US financial institutions to study in the US without a US co-signer. Occasionally, student loan programs in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Canada, etc. allow these loans to be used for international study. Students should inquire to their local governments to know if this is a possibility.

Employment Opportunities
International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week on campus during the fall and spring semester, and may work full-time during official school breaks. A realistic estimate of the maximum one can earn in an academic year is $2,500-$3,000. After successfully completing a degree, international students are eligible to apply to work for one year in the US in a field related to their degree. This is known as optional practical training (OPT).

Country-Specific Advising
The US Department of State supports at least one US Education Advising Center in almost every country in the world. These centers provide information about US education in general, scholarships, application procedures and tests required for admission such as the TOEFL, SAT and GRE. In addition to the information we provide, we ecourage all students to contact the nearest US Education Advising Center for in-country support. Contact information for these advising centers can be found on the US State Department's Web site at the following URL:

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