Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships

The Oxford University and Cambridge University is inviting scholarship applications for the admission to the university of Cambridge and university of oxford for the academic session year of 2014-15. The applications are for the undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies and research studies available at the universities. The study subjects which are provided with these scholarships are diverse and help the students to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

All the scholarships are being instituted by the Oxford and Cambridge society of India (a non-profit alumni organisation) over 50 years ago. The society transformed itself to a educational and academic support from a social network community (initially worked as a network alone at New Delhi).

Scholarship Details
The scholarship details are given as follows. There are three types of scholarships present with the oxford and Cambridge society of India.
1.       The oxford and Cambridge society of India offers scholarship tenable at the Cambridge and Oxford University worth of INR 400,000 rupees.
2.       The oxford and Cambridge society of India offers scholarship tenable at the Emmanuel College, Cambridge University worth of INR 100,000 rupees.
3.       The oxford and Cambridge society of India offers scholarship only tenable at St. Hilda’s College, University of Oxford.

Study subjects
The study subjects are diverse and the offer of scholarships being given to the following study courses.
The levels of study may vary for some of the scholarships.
1.       The Research scholarships which assist the scholar to lead to the PhD position.
2.       The Bachelors degree programmes available at the two universities.
3.       The Affiliated University Second Senior degree position.
4.       Research based programmes such as Masters programmes with various durations (M.Sc, medicine and engineering)
5.       Post-graduate programs such as M.Phil, LLM, Diploma, BCL and CASM)

Number of Scholarships
The number of scholarships per year may vary but every year, the oxford and Cambridge society of India expects to offer one scholarship.  

Eligibility Criteria and the Scholarship Criteria
The Eligibility criteria for the scholarships are given as follows.
1.       The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
2.       The applicant should be a resident of India.
3.       The applicant must have gained an admission in any of the universities mentioned above before applying for the scholarship.
4.       The applicant should b in a position to submit the admission letter for the grant of the scholarship. Also, the applicant should be submitting the proof of residence in order to get released of the scholarship funds.

Last date of submitting the scholarship form
The last date of submitting the scholarship forms is 15th May, 2014. These scholarships should reach on or before the last date to the offices of the Oxford and Cambridge Society of India, India.
The application deadlines can be viewed at the oxford and Cambridge university society website.

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