Shiva Nadir University Gifted Students Programs

The Shiva Nadir University has announced its collaboration with Duke University (a North Carolina based top research university) for its talent identification program (TIP) and focuses on research oriented as well as multi disciplinary education. The Shiva nadir university has many of its objectives in place with lot of academic opportunities to the students and faculty staff to enhance the learning curve of the students, faculty staff and university. The entire university and the collaboration will get itself an enhanced learning atmosphere and community which helps to find/attract the students with extra ordinary candidates. The candidates with necessary skills are now put on a high quality education.

About the programme
The Shiva Nadir University with this new collaboration focuses on attracting students who are in pursuit of knowledge with extraordinary talent. The Shiva Nadir University calls this programme ‘Gifted Programme’ and thus is beneficial for all the students who are born with innovative and academically gifted talent.

Gifted students - who are they?
The Shiva Nadir University have attracted students far and wide to pursue quality education and collaborative learning programs for both the students and staff of the two universities. This gives a lot of scope of development in a lot of student education programmes.
1.       Development of student programmes such as exchange programmes
2.       Development of teaching programmes which are joint in nature
3.       Development of joint research centres and programs
4.       Development of faculty exchange programmes such as exchange agreements
The toppers and meritorious students are requested to apply for the SNU gifted programme and get selected for the best of high quality education. The three programs made available as part of the gifted programme are given below.

National Talent Search Examination
Shortly known as NTSE, this examination is a national-level scholarship to recognise the talent and identify students with high intellect and academic talent. One of the most prestigious examinations all over India, it is a known fact that more than 1,500,000 students take up this talent exam every year. Around 1000 scholarships are provided to the students who have been selected.
Only class tenth students are eligible for the examination.

Indian National Olympiad
The Indian national Olympiad is a competition based valuation conducted for the high school students held annually at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) by the National Board of Higher Mathematics. The Olympiad basically has its subjects ranging from mathematics, astronomy and sciences. The Olympiad selected candidates represent India at the International level.

Innovation of Science Pursuit for Inspire Research (INSPIRE)
The INSPIRE programme is conducted by the department of Science and technology for students who are excellent in Science. It also has SHE programme which aims to attract students to intensive science programmes.

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