Youth for India Fellowship Program State Bank of India (SBI)

The SBI program for the youth of India namely ‘Youth for India’ is a fellowship initiated to assist the youth of India by the State bank of India along with some reputed NGO’s. It is funded and totally taken care by the Stat bank of India along with the help of some recognised and reputed NGO’s present in India. This programme aims the today’s young minds of our country to assist the rural communities of India, understand their day to day struggles and create an environment to grow.

About the fellowship
The SBI program helps the young minds to conquer the worries encountered by the rural communities of our country, learn to overcome them and understand them more clearly and easily.
1.       This programme also helps the young students to achieve and make a change in the lives of the rural communities with a positive change at the grass root level.
2.       The programme also is used to provide the NGO’s to understand the rural communities and help them accordingly with ideas to develop rural life.
3.       Contributing to the rural community’s struggles and thus promoting a forum for the programme alumni and share ideas to contribute to the rural development.

Eligibility Criteria
The criteria of eligibility for the above programme are given below.
1.       The candidates willing to take up this programme should be highly motivated, growth oriented, fresh graduates and outstanding young professionals.
2.       The age for all the fresh graduates should fall between the age group of 21-32.
3.       The candidate must be an Indian national or citizen.
4.       The candidate should be willing to lead his life in the rural communities very close to their dwellings during the course of the programme.
5.       The candidates should be having concern for the people living in these rural communities and should be in constant touch/interaction with them to understand their necessities and struggles.
6.       The candidate should be positively motivated to foster the positive changes in their lives at the grass root level.

The entire duration for the SBI Youth for India fellowship is for one year.

Number of fellowships
SBI Youth for India is providing these scholarships to the young, dynamic, highly positive and motivated candidates to assist the rural communities in India. The offering for the fellowship is around 100.

Fellowship Fee/Support during the Tenure
The SBI provides a fellowship amount of 14,000 per month towards the cost of the fellowship fee/amount.

Selection Process
The selection process involves the young dynamic students to submit their online application first. Then they are required to participate in their online forum’s discussions, giving ideas for rural development.
Based on the analysis, shortlisted candidates will be notified and are allowed to pursue the fellowship.

Last date to submit the Application
The last date for all the applications to be sent is 30th June, 2014.

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