British Council Scotland Commonwealth Scholarships in UK

Scholarship details

The applications are invited for the British Council Scotland Commonwealth scholarships which are provided for the students of commonwealth countries. These scholarships are provided to the students who are interested in Literature and creative writing and are requested to attend the summer school. These scholarships are provided to two 2-week literature aspiring students and one 4 week creative writing aspiring student. The scholarship covers the summer school’s course and the accommodation fee.

Study subjects

The scholarships are provided for the study subjects of Literature and creative writing at the Scotland’s summer schools and universities.

Course level

The course level for the scholarship is not known. The scholarships are available for the literature and the creative writing summer school and the universities.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to avail the above mentioned scholarship.

1.       The scholarships are meant to provide the students who aspire to study the courses of Creative writing and Literature. These are meant to support the gifted students from the commonwealth countries.
2.       The applications are invited from the undergraduate and post graduate students who aspire to study the Irish and British literature and creative writing.

Scholarship Provider

The scholarship provider is the British Council, Scotland.

Scholarship Open for International students

These scholarships are meant to students who belong to the commonwealth countries. All the citizens from the commonwealth countries are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Number of awards

The number of awards for the above mentioned scholarship is given below.  Two 2 week scholarships for the student aspiring to learn Literature and on four week scholarship for the student aspiring to learn creative writing at the Scotland summer school and universities are the known scholarships.

Duration of the awards

The Literature scholarships are known to be two week long and the creative writing scholarships are known to be four week long.

How to apply

The applicants can send in their applications either via post or by email. The applicant’s can download the application and fill up the details and scan all the documents that require a signature.

Scholarship coverage

The scholarship covers the following expenses for the students who wish to avail the scholarship.
It covers the cost of the tuition fee of the course, accommodation fee, meals, a social and cultural programme expenditure, and full time use of the facilities at the Edinburg University’s library.

Selection Criteria

These scholarships are awarded to the candidates who have good academic records and are in need of finance to fund their education. The notification period is not known to the students yet.

Scholarship application deadline

The application deadline for the scholarship falls on the date of 21st march, 2014.

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