CCAMLR Scientific Scholarship Scheme in Australia, 2014

The applications are invited from the candidates for early career as Scientists have scholarships from CCAMLR scientific scholarships. The candidates applying should be actively involved in PhD research relevant in the area or should have received their PhD in the last 5 years. The scholarships are open to all the scientists who are members of CCAMLR.

The scientific scholarships CCAMLR stands for commission for the conversation of Antarctic marine living resources. The scholarship is meant for and can be taken at Australia.

Scholarship details
The objective of the scholarship is to make or contribute to the capacity of the CCAMLR scientific community and generate the sound basis of scientific expertise which will be useful and able to support all the requirements of the commission for the conversation of Antarctic marine living resources. The scholarships are basically available for the early career scientists to help the candidates in participating in the work of the scientific committee and all of its working groups.

Eligibility criteria
The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to avail the scholarship.

1.       The scholarships are available for the early career scientists who are actively involved in the relevant PhD work. Or the candidate may also have received the PhD in the last 5 years.
2.       The scholarships are available for the students of all the members of the CCAMLR.
3.       Also, the candidates will be preferred if they have never worked in any of the CCAMLR working groups.
4.       The candidates will also be involved on the basis of active participants in scientific endeavours relevant to the objectives of the CCAMLR.
Scholarship Open for International students
The scholarship is open to many of the international students who belong to the countries mentioned here. They are Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Ukraine, China, chile, European union, France, Germany, India, Italy, UK, USA , Uruguay, Russia, Korea, Japan, Poland, Norway, Namibia.

Duration of the scholarship
The scholarship scheme is for a period of two years.

Number of scholarships
The number of scholarships is still not known to the resources.

Scholarship amount
The scholarship amount is of US$30,000 are available to enable the scholarship members to participate in the CCAMLR scientific committee workshops or workshop group meetings, meetings of the scientific committee, relevant preparatory meetings for a period of two complete years.

How to apply
The applications for the CCAMLR scholarship forms are to be submitted to the CCAMLR by the scientific community. The scholarship proposals will be reviewed by the review panel with some minimum criteria set for the scheme

Last date to apply for the scholarship
The last date for the scholarship is given as 1st October, 2014.

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