Country Postgraduate Scholarships at Keele University in UK

Scholarship details
The applications are invited from the candidates for taught post graduate scholarships to the students from Nigeria, India, Ghana, Thailand, Vietnam, for studying at Keele University. The scholarships are provided to the students for the studies in arts and science.

Study subjects and study levels
The study subjects for the country postgraduate scholarships are at a Master’s degree level. The post graduates scholarships allow the students to pursue taught postgraduate courses e.g Masters of Arts, or Master of Science at Keele University, UK. The international students who take up the postgraduate courses here at the Keele University can do so only full time.

Scholarship Description
The scholarshipsprovided at the Keele University are about five country postgraduate scholarships for each of the applicants from the following countries namely Ghana, India, Nigeria, Thailand, and Vietnam. These scholarships are meant for the candidates applying from the Ghana, India, Nigeria, Thailand and Vietnam to the Keele University situated at the United Kingdom.

The scholarships are available for the candidates who wish or are desirous of taking up the Masters of Arts and Masters of Science at the Keele University, United Kingdom.
Scholarship Open for the International students
The scholarship is open to the international students from the places or regions from Ghana, Nigeria, India, Vietnam and Thailand.

Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship is given below.
1.       The candidate must have achieved a minimum of a 2.1 (Ghana, Nigeria), 3.0 CGPA (Thailand), 8.0 out of 10 (Vietnam), 1st class (India) in their Bachelor’s degree to be eligible for the scholarship.
2.       The candidate should be able to demonstrate and state the benefits he/she can procure if he/she avails it and why you can be an exceptional student.

Number of awards
The total number of scholarships provided for the applicants are around five postgraduate scholarships.

Scholarship amount
The scholarship amount for the candidates towards the tuition fee of the course is around 5000 pounds. Each of the scholarship holder fro the above mentioned countries will receive around 5000 pounds towards tuition fee.

Duration of the awards
The duration of the awards is not known. Further details can be obtained from the official website of the Keele University, UK.

How to apply
The applicants will have to submit the following along with the scholarship application.
1.       The candidates should apply with the 500 word length essay demonstrating why you should receive the scholarship.
2.       The details of the course name, with the application, which includes your full name, intended course and the application number.

Last date to apply for the scholarship
The scholarships to be submitted should reach the office on or before the last date of 18th July, 2014.

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