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Scholarship details
The UGC has announced BSR fellowships to the candidates of the Department of Physics under the scheme of UGC-BSR research fellowships in bio-sciences, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, sciences, engineering sciences etc to develop and promote the research facility in the university departments.

Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship are given as follows.
The selected candidates must follow the guidelines outlined by the UGC according to its norms and conditions for a PhD programmes in the University of Physics are eligible to apply.
The candidates are thus eligible to apply for the fellowship if they satisfy the UGC norms and conditions or the guidelines suggested by them outlined in the UGC norms and conditions for the candidates.

How to Apply
The application for the above mentioned fellowship should be written on a plain paper with the candidate’s detailed profile and Bio-data including the email id and phone number (correct contact numbers and details) along with the testimonials and certificates which are self attested. 
All the above testimonials and complete application should reach the office of the undersigned latest by the date of 05th January, 2014. Once shortlisted, the candidates will be intimated for the next round of interviews.
The application process will be followed as per the rules and regulations formed by the Goa University or as per the UGC for the selected or the shortlisted candidates. The TA and DA are not permissible for the interview process.

Selection criteria
The selection process is completely handled by the UGC or the university department community. The Goa University is not responsible for whatever reason for failing or delay in the process of the application.
It is also mentioned to the candidates that the Goa University is not responsible for the mention or the grants of the scholarship award to the shortlisted candidates.

Duration of the fellowship
The tenure and the duration of the fellowship is for two years initially under the scheme and it can be extended for the next one year if the research work done the research fellow has been found satisfactory. The expiry of the fellowship will have an evaluation by the experts committee of the university.
The provision for the extension of the fellowship is for five years and then there cannot be further extended for the fellowship programme. The fellowship can be extended only through the permission of the UGC and only if its grants are provided with a satisfaction obtained from the work of the research fellows. These selected candidates will be continued for the next three years if and only if they satisfy the experts committee’s evaluation about the candidates research work.

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