India New Zealand Sports Cooperation Scholarships (INZSS)

Scholarship details
The applications are invited from the sports candidates from India to pursue sport related programmes. The study programmes are all sports related programmes in undergraduate, graduate diploma, post graduate diploma, and master’s programme at the New Zealand Universities, Polytechnics and Institutes of technology in 2015. The INZSS scholarships are an initiative by the Prime Minister’s education initiative between the New Zealand and India.

Eligibility criteria
The candidates have to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to be eligible for the scholarship.

1.       The candidate must have completed at least 18 years of age.
2.       The candidate should be an Indian citizen.
3.       The candidate should not be a citizen or the permanent resident of New Zealand or Australia.
4.       The candidate should have an offer of place for the direct entry into an approved programme.
5.       The placement of offer should be non-conditional and the exception here is the payment of fees alone.
6.       The candidate must meet the Immigration New Zealand requirements for the New Zealand Visa which will be including health, evidence of financial support and the character requirements.

Study subjects
The study subjects for the India New Zealand Sports Cooperation Scholarships are to undertake the following programmes namely Sports and exercise science, Sports and exercise management, and sport and recreation.
The scholarship programmes are at study levels which include both at bachelor level, masters programme, graduate diploma and post graduate diploma etc.

Scholarship-number of awards
The number of scholarship awards is not known.

Duration of awards
The duration of the scholarship awards covers the full term of one year which is full time study.

Scholarship amount
The scholarship amount for the candidates for the above mentioned scholarship is given below.
The candidates can avail the scholarship amount which will assist them to cover the full tuition fee and associated student levies for the academic year which will be paid directly to the New Zealand Institution.
The candidate can avail $15,000 contribution to the living costs for the one year during the academic sports study.

How to apply
The completed application form along with all the required documents and credentials should be sent via email to before the scholarship submission deadline. Obtaining an offer of place of a New Zealand university or an Institute of technology and Polytechnic (ITP) and applying for the New Zealand scholarship are both two different things.  Each one is a separate process. The New Zealand Education is not connected and responsible for making your application get through for the process and study in any way.

Last date of the application to be submitted
The last date for the application to be submitted is 3rd October, 2014.

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