Indian Council of Historical Research Senior Academic Fellowships

Scholarship details
The applications are invited from the candidates for the senior academic fellowships (SAF) from the Indian council of historical research.

The senior scholars who are interested to submit their research proposed should be referred by experts appointed by the ICHR. On the basis of the selection and assessment done by the experts, the candidates will be required to perform or present a half an hour presentation on the proposed subject of area or research. The presentation is required to be presented at the ICHR’s house/office at New Delhi.

The second class railway or the bus fare whichever has the shortest route nearest to the railway station or the bus stand of the venue of the place of presentation will be completely reimbursed to the eligible candidates provided the distance travelled is not more than 30km on production of the tickets.

Tenure/Term of the scholarship
The term of the fellowship may be for a maximum of two years which is extensible for another one year in case of exceptional candidates if it is recommended by the research project committee.

Scholarship amount
The scholarship amount given for the senior academic fellowships is known to be 40,000 per month along with a contingency grant of 40,000 per year.

Number of fellowships
The number of fellowships for the senior academic fellowships is around 10 for the academic year of 2014-2015.

How to apply
The eligible and motivated candidates may apply along with the self attested copies of all the certificates and the required documents mentioned in the checklist via post to the member secretary, Indian council of historical research, 35, Feroze-shah road, New Delhi – 110001.
The incomplete applications without sufficient documents or no self attested documents received after the deadline will be rejected.

Last date of the submission of the application
The last date for the submission of the application along with the self attested important documents is 31st January, 2014.

General conditions to the candidates applying for the fellowship
The Indian council of historical research reserves the right to
1.       To increase/decrease the number of fellowships at any point of time on its own discretion.
2.       Not to award any of the fellowships which are advertised in the paper.
3.       To shortlist any number of applications on the basis of its criteria to screen the number of candidates to be called for the presentation.

 Further details
 The further details can be obtained from the official website The applications can be sent to the below address.
 It should be addressed to the following address
The Member Secretary,
Indian Council of Historical Research,
35, Ferozeshah Road,
New Delhi – 110 001

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