Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) International Fellowships

The Indian council of medical research is the pioneer among many other research institutions in formulating, conducting and promoting the Bio-medical research in India. The council has formulated many plans and formulates medical policies which coincide with the national health sciences.

 On the research front, the world has witnessed many communicable diseases with many infections emerging and creating more challenges to the nation and world as such. The Indian council of medical research is holding new challenges and has taken upon itself for the new innovations and advancements to come and benefit us in a larger way.

There is a need for the young researchers working in clinical areas and bio-medical sectors should be exposed to the latest technologies and advancements and involve themselves with international scholars and researchers for the growth of knowledge and research experiences.

Scholarship amount/ remuneration
The scholarship amount for the international scholarships is given below. Both the categories are given the scholarship amount as pr their guidelines.

Young scientists – The young scientists are provided with a US$3000 per month including accommodation and other expenses. Also, Air India return economy class excursion airfare is provided to them.
A contingency grant of around 20,000 INR is also provided which covers the cost of visa, taxi charges, overseas medi-claim insurance expenses upon the submission of bills and receipts.

Senior scientists
The senior scientists are provided with US$200 per day which includes the accommodation, taxi charges and the cost towards the entire duration of the stay may come to US$3000 per month. A contingency grant of 20,000 INR towards the cost of visa, travel charges, taxi expenses, overseas medi-claim insurance expenses on the submission of various bills and receipts.

Duration of the fellowship
The duration of this fellowship varies for the young and the senior researchers.
The duration of the international fellowship for the young scientists is around three to six months of time. The duration of the international fellowship for the senior scientists/researchers varies from ten to fifteen days of time.

Number of fellowships
The number of fellowships again varies from the young and senior researchers.
The young scientists and researchers are given around twelve scholarships. The senior scientists are around six scholarships.

Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria should be satisfied for the candidate to get the international scholarship given as follows.
1.       The candidate should be an Indian citizen and currently working in India.
2.       The candidate should possess the PhD /MD degree with at least three years of experience in research/ Teaching for the young scientists and it is about fifteen years of research/teaching experience for the senior scientists.
3.       The applicant should b a regular employee of a research/health organisation.

Selection criteria

The selection is done by the International Health division, ICMR. The selection is on the basis of the candidate’s merit and the important needs of the biomedical filed of study.

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