International Mobility Program for Young Researchers from India and Nepal

The University of Padova is pleased to invite applications for the International Mobility Program for young researchers from India and Nepal. The program is offered to the post doctoral candidates to study and research on all the scientific areas related to the University’s departments. The applicants must hold a university degree in PhD which is obtained within the last few years (five maximum years) at the expiry date of the application.   
Eligibility Criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to avail the above mentioned scholarship.

1.       The candidate should be a citizen of India or Nepal.
2.       The candidate must be below the age of 38 years.
3.       The candidate should hold a PhD degree obtained within the last five years at the expiry date of the application.
4.       The candidate should have published at least five peer reviews/articles/papers in International journals.
5.       The candidate should have carried out research in the last three years at the University of Padova at the expiry date of the present call.

Study subjects

The study subjects for the above mentioned fellowship is basically all the related scientific areas of the university departments.

Course level

The scholarship awards and grants are provided to the candidates to pursue research at the university departments.

Number of awards

 The grants are available for the candidates to pursue postdoctoral research in the university departments.

Duration of the awards

The duration of the scholarship grant is for the period of twelve years.

Scholarship amount

The scholarship grant of Euros 21.198,00 which includes the living allowance, travel costs, and the tax charged on the candidate is provided to each of the accepted candidates.

Notification to the candidates

The successful candidates list will be published in the official website within the date of 24th April, 2014. The candidates have to get the prior permission from the institution for the grant of absence during the research abroad.

How to apply

The interested candidates in the fellowship are supposed to send in their applications either through post or through email along with the following documents.

1.       The candidate’s curriculum vitae.
2.       An abstract of the PhD thesis.
3.       The proposal of the research activity to be developed during the stay at Padova. The University of Padova has to accept the research proposal in the concerned department in advance where the research program is going to be carried out.
4.       The University of Padova has to offer an acceptance letter to the candidate for the research activity to be performed.
5.       The candidate should also have the presentation letter from the PhD candidate’s supervisor describing the experience obtained during the thesis submission.

Scholarship application deadline

The application forms for the scholarship has to b submitted before the last date of 17th April, 2014.

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