Ministry of Culture Scholarships for Young Artistes in Different Cultural Fields, India

Scholarship Details

The scholarship is provided by the Ministry of culture, India to the young artists in different cultural fields of outstanding promise for advanced training within India. The fields of study are Indian classical dance, Indian classical music, Mime, theatre, folk, traditional and indigenous arts, Light classical music, visual art etc. These scholarships assist the young artists to pursue the advanced training with in India in the different cultural fields of study, India.   

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the below mentioned eligibility criteria to avail the scholarship mentioned above.

1.       The candidate should be of Indian origin/Indian Nationality.
2.       The candidate should have adequate knowledge about the general education to pursue the training effectively.
3.       The candidates should have obtained a degree of proficiency in the chosen field as it is not meant for the beginners and for the candidates who have already acquired a degree of proficiency.
4.       The candidate is also required to have adequate knowledge in the related/connected arts/disciplines too.
5.       The candidate must have undergone a minimum of 5 year training with their Guru at their respective training institutes/art schools.

Study subjects

The study subjects for the above mentioned scholarship are given below.

1.       Indian classical music
2.       Indian classical dance
3.       Visual arts
4.       Folks, Traditional and Indigenous arts
5.       Light classical music
6.       Theatre

Number of Scholarships

The number of scholarships being provided by the Ministry of culture is around 400. All of them are meant for the candidates who have already a degree of proficiency in the chosen field of study/art form.

Duration of the scholarships

The duration of the scholarship is for the period of two years.

Scholarship Value

The scholarship value for the scholar is known to be Rs.5000 per month for two years to cover the tuition fee, living expenses on books, travelling, art material, or other equipment. The tuition fee/training charges will be covered in the scholarship stipend.

How to apply

The ministry of culture invites applications from the deserving candidates every year. The following documents are required by the candidate to furnish along with the application form.

1.       Attested copies of the degrees, documents in support of the degree obtained.
2.       Attested copy of the matriculation certificate (equivalent)
3.       The candidate should submit a passport size photograph along with the application. In case the candidate is in the field of painting, sculpture and applied arts, the candidate should submit three passport size photographs in costume full size.
4.       If the candidate desires to apply for more than one field, he/she needs to furnish separate applications.

Further contact

The contact details for the above mentioned scholarship are given below.
Section officer (S&F section), contact- 011-24642157. The candidate can also contact through email at

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