Research Position in Department of Veterinary Microbiology at GADVASU in India

Scholarship details

The college of Veterinary Science at GADVASU (Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University) is pleased to invite applications for the research positions available at the department of veterinary Microbiology. The applicants must submit their applications within the deadline date of 11th February, 2014. The applicant should be below the age of 40 years. The position will receive the monthly emoluments as stipend from the university.

Study subjects

The research position is available for the study subjects/Research project as mentioned below. The research position is available for the UGC sponsored project entitled ‘Development of a DIVA assay for differentiation of Hemorrhagic Septicemia infected from vaccinated cattle and buffaloes’.

Course level

The course level is for the research position to be is undertaken for the research project mentioned above which is being funded by the UGC.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the below eligibility criteria to avail the above mentioned scholarship.

1.       The candidate should hold the degree of BVSC and AH. The candidate may also be BSc degree in relevant branch in Life sciences, biological sciences with at least second class or equivalent.
2.       The candidate should hold MVSc in Bacteriology, veterinary Microbiology or Immunology with research work in Immunology, or bacteriology. The candidate may also be M.Sc in relevant subjects such as Life sciences, Microbiology, Biological sciences like fisheries/ zoology, microbiology with relevant research work done in the above mentioned fields of study with at least second class (55%) or equivalent.
3.       The candidate should have knowledge of Punjabi up to the Matriculation level.
4.       The candidate should be below the age of 40 years of age.
5.       The desirable qualification of the candidate is research experience after master’s degree in areas of Microbiology, Bacteriology, Immunology, and Vaccinology.

Scholarship Provider

The scholarship provider is the University Grants commission, India.

Scholarship Open for International students

The scholarship is open for the Indian students and scholars. The research position is open only for the Indian candidates.

Number of awards

The position is available for one research position.

Duration of awards

The duration of the research position for the research fellow is for up to three years. 

Scholarship amount/coverage

The scholarship/research position fellowship will provide the monthly emoluments for the initial two years of Rs.14,000 per month and Rs. 16,000 per month plus 20% HRA for the third year. The research fellow will be able to cover the living expenses and accommodation using the scholarship amount/fee.


The candidate has to apply for the research position. The notification time period is not known.

Application deadline

All the applications for the research position is 11th February, 2014.

How to apply

All the applications should be sent by post.

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