SCAR COMNAP Antarctic Research Fellowship, 2014

Scholarship description

The Scientific committee of Antarctic Research (SCAR) is pleased to invite applications from the researchers and scholars for research fellowships from a COMNAP member national Antarctic Programme country fellowship. The fellowship allows the researchers to take-up short term visits for the international laboratories, field facilities and institutes in/or operated by the other COMNAP member National Antarctic programmes (it should be different from the applicant’s country of origin and country of residence)

COMNAP, formed in 1988, is an international independent organisation of National Antarctic Programmes. The goal of the COMNAP is to develop and promote the best practices for the support of scientific research in Antarctica. The SCAR Fellowships is similar to the COMNAP fellowships in the fact that both involve the active involvement of the early career researchers and to strengthen the international capacity and cooperation in the spirit of Antarctic treaty. Both the fellowship programmes should allow the selected fellows to become acquainted with the recent advances in research and help in the development of long term research linkages and international partnerships. The fellowships help in the building of great relationships with the neighbour countries.

Study subjects

The study subjects for the scholarship are given below. The proposed research should contribute to the terms, conditions and objectives of the home for the National Antarctic Programme research activities. The course level is to pursue the fellowship programme for research.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for the above scholarship are given below. The candidates have to satisfy the following conditions to avail this fellowship.

1.       The candidate should be a postgraduate/current PhD researcher or pursuing 5 years of research experience PhD from the highest degree obtained.
2.       The candidate should be able to contribute to one or more goals and objectives of the Antarctic research programmes.
3.       The candidates should have a background of engineering, Humanities, education, communication, medicine, outreach education etc)
4.       The applicant should visit a facility run by the COMNAP member either in the country of origin or the country of residence.

Number of awards

The number of applications available in total is around one or two. The COMNAP fellowships will be depending on the quality of applications and the budget available.

Duration of awards

The duration of the awards is not known.

Scholarship amount

The scholarship awards the candidate of around US$15,000 along with the economy class trip travel and a modest amount of subsistence allowance for the fellowship period.

How to apply

The applicant has to submit the application form on or before the last date of 4th June, 2014. All the forms have to be submitted online. The proposal should clearly mention the activities to b carried out, what deliverables to ensue, and what are the targets to be achieved.

Scholarship application deadline

The application form should be submitted till the last date of 4th June, 2014.  

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