Silk-Road Scholarship Program at Seoul National University in Korea

Scholarship details

The Silk-Road scholarships are jointly provided by the SBS foundation and the Seoul national University to the students who are desirous of pursuing Humanities and Social sciences. The scholarship programmes are exclusively for the students who wish to pursue the Humanities and social sciences.

Study courses

The study courses for the Silk-road scholarships for the fall semester are humanities and social sciences such as Korean language, history, Economics, Culture, Politics etc. The candidates have to apply for the department concerned at the Seoul National University in Korea. 

Course level

The scholarship programme is for the potential candidates and PhD candidates.

Scholarship Provider

The scholarship is being provided by the SBS foundation and the Seoul National University (It is a joint venture). The scholarship can be taken at Korea.

Eligibility criteria

The candidates in order to avail the scholarship must fulfil the following eligibility requirements.

1.       The international students are eligible who are currently graduating or have graduated from the Silk Road scholarship program.
2.       The candidates must be from the following countries or should have graduated from the following countries. Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Hungary, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Nepal, and Yemen.
3.       The potential candidates/PhD candidates who applied for the fall semester in the department concerned.
4.       The candidates must study the following programmes like humanities and social sciences such as Korean language, culture, politics, history and economics.
5.       The candidates should demonstrate the need of finance for the study programmes.  

Number of awards

The scholarships are being provided to five candidates for this Fall September 2014.

Duration of awards

The duration of the scholarship awards are renewed semi-annually for up to 4 semesters on the basis of academic requirement s. These silk-road scholarships can be availed only if the candidates obtain at-least 3.0 grade point average.


The scholarship positions will be notified to the candidates by the date of June 20, 2014.

Scholarship amount and coverage

The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee for two years (4 semesters) and also provides a grant of KRW 600,000 per month for the living expenses, airfare round trip and Korean classes up to 2 sessions.

How to apply

The candidates need to note that the application procedures and deadlines for these scholarships are similar to that of the Fall semester 2014. The applicants have to fulfil the online application and then are supposed to submit the required documents to the office of admissions. The candidates then have to submit the scholarship application form to the office of international affairs by post or in person to Mr. Jina Yoo (International affairs officer).


The application deadline is on the date of March 21, 2014.

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