UGC 1000 Post Graduate Scholarships for Professional Courses

Scholarship details
The post graduate scholarship scheme under the scheme by UGC (University Grants Commission) is for the SC/ST students in Engineering, Technology, Management and Pharmacy at the universities /institutions/Colleges in India. The course level for which the scholarship is provided is at the level of Master’s degree programme. The scholarships for the post graduate level can be taken only at India.

The scheme has been started for the candidates who may have a socially disadvantaged background or belong to the weaker sections of the society. Such candidates can find assistance from this scheme to pursue postgraduate courses in any of the streams like Engineering, Technology, Management and Pharmacy. The main goal of this scheme is to provide assistance to the 1000 candidates belonging to the SC/ST category to pursue professional courses in recognised Indian Universities and colleges/Institutions.

Scholarship provider
The post graduate scholarships are being given out for the students by the University Grants commission.

Eligibility Criteria
The candidates must have the following eligibility criteria.
1.       The candidate should have obtained the graduate degree level in the subjects relevant to the post graduate degree and should have obtained admission for a regular full time post graduate course at a university/Institution/college of any professional subjects.
2.       The candidates who are pursuing the post graduate course using distance education mode or through correspondence are not eligible for the scholarship position.
3.       The upper age limit for the male candidates to be eligible for the scholarship is 45 years. The upper age limit for the female candidates to be eligible for the scholarship is 50 years. The scholarship can be provided for the students and age can be relaxed for a certain period under special conditions too.
4.       The scholarship scheme is open to Indian students.
5.       These scholarships can be taken only at Indian universities/Colleges.

Number of scholarships provided
The number of scholarships (number of slots offered) offered under the scheme is around 1000 per year.

Duration of the awards
The duration or term of the scholarship award is for the entire period of the post graduate course level. This depends on whether the course is two year course or a three year course.

Scholarship amount
The scholarship fee offered to the selected candidates is given below.
The candidates who are pursuing their M.Tech as their post graduate course shall be provided a scholarship fee of 5000 per month and a contingency grant of 15,000 per month for the entire period of the course.
The candidates pursuing other courses shall be provided a scholarship fee of 3000 per month and a contingency grant of 10,000 per month for the duration of the course.

How to apply
The candidates are supposed to apply for the scholarship online.

The last date of the application (Deadline)
The last date for the submission of the application is till the 6th of December, 2013.

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