Call for VLIR-UOS ICP PhD Scholarships

Scholarship details
The VLIR UOS is offering ten ICP PhD scholarships for a maximum period of four years (48 months) for the candidates from Africa, Asia and Latin America. These candidates must have studied under the ICP (International Master Course) programme in Flanders and be available to take up the PhD course at a Flemish university. The selected scholar should do part of their research in their home country institution and part in their Flemish university.

Eligibility criteria

The candidate’s profile should shortlist the following eligibility criteria to avail the PhD scholarships.

1.    The applications which are found not to fulfil the eligibility are to be submitted to the Bureau UOS for a decision for eligibility which is final.
2.    The applications which are not found eligible should not be submitted to the research scholarships selection committee too.  

Study subjects

The research development should be conducted in a development oriented subject in a so-called sandwich programme. 

Course level

The scholarships are offered to the candidates who are willing to take up the PhD programme.

Scholarship provider

The scholarship provider is the VLIR-UOS. 

Scholarship can be taken at

The scholarship is provided to the candidate for conducting part of their research in their home country and part of their research in Flemish country (Belgium). 

Scholarship Open for International students

The scholarship is open for the candidates from Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

Number of awards

The VLIR-UOS is granting around ten ICP PhD scholarships every year. 

Duration of awards

The duration of the awards consists of four years (48 months) up to a maximum period, and it cannot be extended more than that. The scholar should spend a minimum of 16 months of time period and a maximum period of 24 months at the Flemish University. 

Scholarship amount/coverage

The scholarship covers the below expenses and provides allowances. 

1.    Monthly allowances for the scholar.
2.    Travel costs per stay at Belgium as allowance.
3.    The candidate will also have one time allowance and mailing allowance.
4.    The host unit (at the Flemish university) will receive the monthly allowances, supervision allowances and research allowance.
5.     The candidate/scholar will receive the tuition fee, airline ticket for the student travel fee for the Flemish supervisor.
6.    All the scholarships are based on the budget of the scholarship programmes by the Flemish university, which will inform the scholar about any obligations involved. 

Selection criteria

The selection criteria depends on

1.    Academic curriculum.
2.    Knowledge and experience of the subject done in the research proposal.
3.    Language skills required to carry out the research.
4.    Research capacity
5.    Additional relevant skills and abilities. 


The selected candidates will be intimidated by late June.

How to apply

The completed applications with other necessary documents are to be sent to the ICOs of the Flemish university where the scholar would want to conduct the PhD research. The applications should not be sent to the VLIR-UOS.

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