Imam Bukhari and Imam Tirmizi Visiting Research Fellowships in UK

Scholarship details
The Oxford centre for Islamic studies is funding research fellowships for the candidates from Asia and Africa. The preference for the research fellows is considered for the study of Islamic sciences, even though there are other areas such as humanities and social sciences that are to be considered. The fellowships are tenable for a period of three months from the month of October. Each of the scholarships is provided for the stipend of £3000 and a provision of membership in the common room. The applications are to be submitted before the mentioned deadline.
The oxford center for Islamic studies excels in promoting the study of Islam and Muslim societies. 
The Imam Bukhari and Imam Tirmizi research fellows will be motivated and expected to devote their time to research and writing and should be willing to participate in the centre’s Islamic academic activities. 
Study subjects
The fellowships are awarded for the study subjects of Islamic study. Study areas like Humanities and social sciences are to be considered.   
Scholarship Provider
The scholarship is being offered by the oxford centre for Islamic studies, United Kingdom. 
Scholarship can be taken at
The research fellows have to take up the fellowship at the Oxford Centre for Islamic studies in the United Kingdom. 
Eligibility criteria
The candidates should be eligible for the research fellowships if they satisfy the above mentioned eligibility criteria.
1.       The candidates should belong to the regions of Asia and Africa. 
2.       The candidate are encouraged to apply for the research fellowships in the field of Islam, geography, law, literature, philosophy, politics, economics, humanities, social sciences, study of Islam, international relations, religion and sociology.
3.       The stipends held for the research fellowship are though supplementary and can be held in conjunction with other stipend benefits such as other grants, sabbatical salaries and varied stipends.  
Scholarship Open for International students
The scholarship is open to the Asian and African citizens. 
Duration of awards
The fellowships are tenable for a period of three months. It may also get extended to a longer period.
Scholarship coverage/amount
Each visiting research fellow will be provided the shared office accommodation, a stipend of £3000 and the membership of the common room. 
How to apply
The mode of application is through post. The applications include curriculum vitae and a statement of proposed research. It also requires two letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the centre.
The students can apply to the following website. 
The official mailing address is given below.  
Oxford centre of Islamic studies
George Street,
Oxford OXI 2AR,
United Kingdom. 
Further information
The further information about the research fellowship is given in the below link

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