International BU Dean’s Scholarships for Master Students in UK

Scholarship details
The Bournemouth University is inviting applications for the Business school scholarships to pursue the taught Master programme which starts from January. The students from the regions Colombia, Taiwan, Turkey, and Nigeria at the time of application are eligible to apply for the scholarship of 50% award and theses students are classified as ‘overseas’ for the purpose of fee. The students from China, India and South Korea are eligible to apply for the scholarship of 25% award and they are classified as ‘overseas’ for the purpose of fee.  

Study subjects
The scholarship is awarded to the learn any of the subjects within the business school at the Bournemouth University, United Kingdom. The Bournemouth University is an accredited university which is accredited by the university alliance, ACU. 

Course level

The scholarship is for the award of course level of master’s program at Bournemouth University, United Kingdom. 

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to avail the above mentioned scholarship.

1.       The students from Colombia, Taiwan, Turkey and Nigeria are classified as ‘overseas’ students and considered for 50% deduction in the tuition fee.
2.       The students from china, India and South Korea are classified as ‘overseas’ students and are considered for 25% deduction in the tuition fee. 

Scholarship Provider

The scholarship provider is the Bournemouth University, United Kingdom. 

Scholarship Open for International students

The students of Colombia, Turkey, Nigeria, China, India, South Korea and Taiwan are eligible for the scholarship award/application.  

Number of awards

The awards are up to three scholarships of 50% reduction and around four scholarships of 25% reduction. 

Duration of the awards

The duration of the award is not known.

Scholarship amount/coverage

The scholarship amount for the students of Colombia, Turkey, Taiwan and Nigeria will be provided for 50% fee deduction.  The scholarship amount for China, India and South Korea will be eligible for 25% fee deduction. 

Selection criteria

An outstanding academic student profile relevant to the course is required. The candidate should have upper class honours (2i) classification plus the personal statement as prescribed in the scholarship form. 


The successful candidates will be notified about their selection within one month of the final deadline. The award is formally approved when the candidate has an unconditional offer of study at the Bournemouth University, United Kingdom. 

How to apply

The course application form needs to be submitted to the university by the candidate. The scholarship application can b applied through post after or along with the application form.
Further Information
The candidates can contact the International Admissions team if in case of any clarifications about any equivalent opportunities.

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