International Undergraduate Scholarships at University of the West of Scotland in UK

Scholarship details
The University of the West of Scotland is offering 12 undergraduate scholarships for the candidates from the regions of India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan and Thailand. The scholarship offered gives about 25% fee reduction once the candidate enters into a year for the undergraduate programmes at the University. 

The applicants can also be entitled to a further of 10% discount if in case the candidates pay their fees in prior to the commencement of the programme or within one week prior to the undergraduate degree at the University of the west of Scotland. The applications have to be sent before or on the date of the deadline. 

Study subjects

The scholarships provided are to learn any of the study courses offered by the University of the West of Scotland in the United Kingdom. 

Course level

The scholarships are available or pursuing any of the courses in the undergraduate level at the University of West of Scotland in the United Kingdom. 

Scholarship provider

The University of West of Scotland in the United Kingdom is the scholarship provider for all the International undergraduate programmes.   

Scholarship can be taken at

The scholarship can be taken at the United Kingdom. 
Eligibility Criteria

The candidates have to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to avail the above mentioned scholarship. 

1.    The scholarships are available for the students from Bangladesh, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan and Thailand who have paid the full fee for the undergraduate program at the University.  
2.    The applicants should have received an offer of place for entry to the first year of an undergraduate international programme at the university of west of Scotland in United Kingdom. 

Scholarship Open for International students

The scholarship is open for the students of India, Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand and Nigeria. 

Number of awards

The number of awards provided under this scheme is around 12 scholarships.  

Duration of awards

The scholarships are offered for a period of one year only. 

Scholarship amount/coverage

The scholarship covers about 25% percent of the fee reduction from the entire fee for the first year undergraduate programme. The candidate can also get an additional amount of reduction of 10% if the candidate pays the entire fee in full to the university. The fee payment should be done before the formal classes commence or at least before a week with in the commencement of the classes for the first year. 

Selection criteria

The selection criteria for the scholarship are not known yet. The notification period is also not known.

How to apply

The scholarships are to be applied by the candidate separately though post. Once the candidates accept the offer of place at the university to study the undergraduate programme, they can start applying for the scholarship. All the scholarships should reach before the deadline.

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