JNCASR-CICS Fellowship Programme for Scientists from Developing Countries in India

Scholarship details
The Jawaharlal Nehru centre for advanced scientific research (JNCASR-CICS) is offering fellowship programme for outstanding scientists, teachers and researchers from developing countries like India. The fellowship covers the many short term research programmes and participatory research programmes in most of the major disciplines such as engineering and medicine at the Indian centres of excellence. Every year, 10 fellowships are on offer from JNCASR. The duration of the fellowship is about three months.    

The fellowship is a joint venture by Jawaharlal Nehru centre for advanced scientific research, Bangalore and the centre for International cooperation in science (CICS), Chennai to encourage mobility of scientists in various developing countries.   

Study subjects

The fellowship covers the all the research studies including major areas of research such as medicine and engineering at the Indian centres of Excellence. The fellowship is provided to give out opportunities to the young talent and scientists to do research on many of the major disciplines such as engineering and medicinal studies. 
Scholarship Provider

The scholarship is provided to the interested scientists by the Jawaharlal Nehru centre for advanced scientific research. The scholarship can only be taken at the centre, India.  

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to fulfil the requirements of the fellowship. 

1.       The applicant must have a Master’s degree in science or doctorate degree in major fields such as medicine and engineering sciences and all other allied subjects.
2.       The candidate should be of below the age of 45 years and be affiliated to a university or academic institutions in a developing country (other than India)
3.        The applicant should be a scientist, research scholar or a teacher working for an academic institution or a scientific institution in a developing country in any of the following regions namely Asia (other than India), Africa, Latin America and Arab region. 

 Scholarship Open for International students

 The scientists from Asia (other than India), Africa, Latin America and Arab region are open for the eligibility for the fellowship. 

Number of awards

Every year around 10 fellowships are provided to the scientists and young talented research scholars.    
Duration of awards

The duration for the fellowship is for three months. 

Scholarship amount 

The fellowship helps to cover the airfare from their home country to India, expenses towards boarding and lodging at the affiliated institutions and universities, and expenses towards the day to day living. 

How to apply

The applicant should submit the completed application form along with the following list of enclosures. 

1.       Curriculum vitae with applicant’s interested area of research
2.       Write up on the proposed area of research
3.       Two passport sixe photographs
4.       A letter of consent from the parent institution.
5.       Copies of degree certificates

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