LSBF Springboard Scholarships for Postgraduate Students in UK

Scholarship details
The London school of Business and finance is offering springboard scholarships for postgraduate scholarships in the United Kingdom. The executive chairman and founder of the LSBF ‘Aaron Etingen’ is funding these scholarships. The candidates from UK, European Union, Russia, India, China or Brazil can apply to the scholarships. Around 50 scholarships are provided to the candidate for two years as part of the LSBF postgraduate springboard scholarships.

The scholarship is provided for the most eligible candidates to gain the career benefits from the LSBF postgraduate degree. The founder is generous in understanding the requirements of the today’s education and career prospects. The LSBF only takes the scholarship payment following the 2 years of your graduation should your salary has an increase of 50% in the salary construct. If only the salary does not increase by the 50%, the payment towards the tuition fee is considered to be free.  

The students should commence the payment of the scholarship after the two years of their graduation from the university. 

 Study subjects

The scholarships are provided to the eligible candidates to pursue any of the full time postgraduate courses available at the LSBF. 

Scholarship Provider

The scholarship is being provided by the ‘Aaron Etingen’, executive chairman and the LSBF founder. The scholarship can only be taken at United Kingdom. 

Eligibility criteria

The candidates should have the following eligible criteria to avail the scholarship. 

Academic requirements

The GGSB courses such as GGSB MBA, GGSB MSc in Finance, GGSB MIB, GGSB MSc in Fashion design and luxury management are a necessary qualification. 

IELTS score (6.0) and TOEFL score ( 94) are a minimum requirements.   

Work experience programme requirements

A relevant work experience is required for the programme.  

Number of awards

As mentioned, the scholarships provided to the candidates are 50 in number. 

Duration of awards

The duration for the scholarship is for the period of two years.

Scholarship coverage/amount

The scholarships cover the tuition fee for the said postgraduate course at the university. If the candidate’s salary increases by 50% in the next two years following the graduation, the payment of the tuition cover can be made to the funding agency. If the candidate does not get to the point of 50% increase in the next two years, the candidate receives the tuition fee completely free. This is completely an innovative opportunity for the candidates who belong to the UK, European Union, Russia, India, China or Brazil.  

Selection criteria

The eligible candidates will be considered based on the academic merit, programme selection and relevant employment experience. 

How to apply

The mode of application is through e-mail only. 

Further information

The further information about the scholarship can be obtained from the below mentioned website.

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