Research Engineer Position at IIIT Hyderabad, India

About the research Undertaken at IIIT Hyderabad, India
The International Institute of Information technology at Hyderabad, India is offering a lot of research programmes for the candidates and students who aspire to undertake research as a career. The IIIT Hyderabad is a known and structured centre for research in many of the technical domains and related technological and unusual areas of expertise. There are various technologies present and varying domains present at the IIIT Hyderabad centre, India.

The research centres and laboratories present at the IIIT Hyderabad focus on broad areas of research and problem area and bring in researchers form varied background to work on the research and development on the problem area of research work.

Technology and Domains

The technology areas which IIIT is offering for research work to be done are given below. 

1.       IT for agriculture and rural development
2.       Cognitive sciences
3.       Earthquake Engineering Research
4.       Centre of IT in education
5.       Lab for spatial informatics
6.       Centre for exact humanities
7.       Research centre for e-governance.
8.       Computational linguistics
9.       Centre for building sciences
10.   Centre for bioinformatics and natural sciences engineering
11.   Centre for educational technology and learning sciences. 


The development centres for these research works to be taken as research engineers are given below.

1.       The engineering technology and innovation centre
2.       Centre for innovation and entrepreneurship
3.       Centre for Open software 

The programmes offered at the IIIT Hyderabad include research facility in the postgraduate programmes too. The candidates are advised to check in their various facilities and learn their eligibility before the applications. 

M.Tech Programmes

The two year programmes at IIIT Hyderabad is designed to help graduates and working professionals enhance their career in research fields of study.  In the first year of study, the candidates learn more about their chosen field and in the second year, the candidates get to study their field in more advanced level. 

Some of them are listed below.

M.Tech in VLSI and computer Engineering in bioinformatics
M.Tech in Computer science and information security 

MS by Research

The candidates interested in complete research oriented programme can opt for MS by research in IIIT Hyderabad. It is a two year programme ending with a thesis defense in the chosen area of research. 

MS in bioinformatics
MS in computational linguistics
MS in civil engineering
MS in electronics and communication

PhD program

The PhD programs at IIIT Hyderabad are of complete research programmes give emphasis on dissertation work. The candidates are required to clear all the qualfiiers in order to build up the necessary depth and the breadth of the chosen field of study. 

PhD in computer science engineering
PhD in bioinformatics
PhD in civil engineering

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