The Exeter World Class Business Student Scholarships for Master Students in UK

Scholarship details
The scholarship applications are invited from the exceptional students who can showcase world class ability. The scholarships are provided to these exceptional candidates who wish to pursue the master’s courses in Finance, Accounting, Management and Economics. These scholarships are offered every year for four exceptional candidates. The scholarships are provided to the students to cover the full tuition fees. The applications have to be sent to the University of Exeter in UK before the mentioned deadline. The scholarship details can be obtained from the University of Exeter business school website to understand which programmes belong to which department.  
Study subjects

The various study subjects in the Master’s courses for which these scholarships are provided are accounting, finance, management and economics. These study subjects are offered in the Master’s courses by the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.  

Course level

The scholarships are provided for the candidates to pursue the course level of Master’s degree.  

Scholarship Provider

The scholarship is provided by the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. The scholarship is to be taken at the university. 

Eligibility criteria

The candidate application form(s) are conditional on payment of the tuition fees as mentioned in the offer letter and the registration with the University of Exeter.

The applicants who have applied for the Exeter World Class Business Student Scholarship will be automatically considered for the World Class EU Scholarship (if resident of Germany or Greece); The World Class UK Scholarship (if a UK resident); the World Class International Scholarship (if resident of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand or USA); and Thomson Reuters scholarships if the applicant is applying for the finance programme.  

Scholarship applicable to 

The scholarship is provided to the students of Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Greece and USA. Only students who belong to these countries can apply to the scholarship. 

Number of scholarship awards

The university is providing four full fee scholarships to four exceptional students. One scholarship is provided for pursuing MSc accounting programme, one for pursuing MSc Finance, One for the MSc Economic programmes and one for the MSc management discipline programmes.   

Duration of awards

The scholarship is provided to the students for a period of one year. 

Scholarship coverage 

The scholarships provided for each of the disciplines provides cover for the full tuition fees. 


The applicants will be notified about the scholarship results by the end of May every year. 

How to apply

The candidates may apply to the scholarship through online mode.

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