Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan for Indian Students in UK

1.       Introduction to the scholarship

The applications are invited for the commonwealth scholarship and fellowship plan available for the Indian students to assist the candidates to pursue the higher studies/research at any UK institution of higher education. The candidate should not be more than the age group of 40 years of age. The scholarships are being awarded to the candidates for up to three years of duration for the doctoral degree. It is to be divided into one year taught Master’s degree and six months clinical training programme. The providers are announcing up to sixty five nominations to be sent to the commonwealth scholarship commission for the final selection. Out of the 65 selections, only 26 scholarships are for the doctoral studies. The applications are to be sent before the deadline.  

2.      Scholarship provider

The commonwealth scholarship and fellowship plan is provided by the commonwealth scholarship commission. (UK department for the International development)

3.      Scholarship coverage

The scholarship covers the following.

1.      The student should have been granted approved tuition and examination fees.
2.      Grant for the expenses covered for the airfare in the United Kingdom.
3.      The personal maintenance allowance is provided at the rate of £977 per month.  

4.      Scholarship duration

The scholarship is provided for the duration of three complete years, one year for the taught master’s program and six months for the clinical training.   

5.      Eligibility Criteria

The candidate needs to satisfy the below eligibility criteria for the above mentioned scholarship.
1.      The candidate should not be below 40 years of age at the time of the application process and fulfil the minimum requirements.
2.      The applicants with native language other than English need to submit the evidence to have sufficient competence in English to study at any of the UK institutions.
3.      The candidates applying for the Master’s group should be holding the required certificate of their Bachelor’s degree in the subjects mentioned above. The candidates need to submit their IELTS score of their recent examination score has to be submitted.         
4.      The candidates applying for the Doctoral degree should be holding the required master’s certificate in the concerned subject areas to be secured 65% in the relevant subject areas such as Humanities, social science, Engineering and technology, science and technology group.

6.      Application Process

The applications are to be submitted only through online means. The candidates have to send in their applications by submitting them directly to the individual institutions. All the applicants must provide the proof of having a prospective supervisor in the chosen institution at the time of the Interview process. The support letter has to be submitted at the time of the interview. The support letter from the prospective supervisor is mandatory, in case it is not available, it will lead to the applicant not appearing for the interview.         

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