Country Scholarships for Postgraduate Students at University of Sussex in UK

Introduction to the scholarship
The University of Sussex is pleased to offer up to 100 prestigious chancellor’s masters scholarships for the UK/EU and International students. The applicants must hold a first class undergraduate honours degree from one of the UK Universities and should have selected and applied for their chosen course in the Master’s programme. 

The scholarship is provided on the basis of academic performance and future potential. These scholarships are awarded for the study of any of the courses to be pursued in Sussex University which excludes the Sussex medical school courses. The scholarship can be taken at the university of Sussex, United Kingdom. 

 Scholarship provider

The scholarship is provided by the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. 

Scholarship duration

The scholarships are awarded for the first year of study only in case of two year Master’s course which is full time and 1+3 years of study required courses. 

Scholarship coverage

The scholarship has a value of £3000 for the course chosen by the candidate. The chosen full time course must have been chosen by the candidate before the mentioned date. 

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the following eligibility criteria to avail the above mentioned fellowship. 

1.       The candidate has to hold or expect to achieve a first class undergraduate honours degree from a UK university.
2.       The candidate must accept and meet any conditions of the master’s offer.
3.       The candidate will not be eligible if the student is funded by the research councils (those who are receiving the ESRC 1+3)
4.        The university of Sussex students who are graduating with a first class degree in 2015 are not eligible for this award. The students though are eligible for the Sussex scholarship.
5.       The scholarship is relating to all the full time taught master’s degree courses at the University of Sussex (MA, MSc, LLM). It excludes the following courses namely postgraduate diplomas, Law and economics, master’s degrees in social work, social work Post Graduate programmes, PGCE courses and schools direct teaching courses. The candidate has to exclude MSc in automotive engineering, MA degrees in IDS apart from the MA gender and development.
6.       The scholarship is open and eligible for the UK/EU students and international students.       

Application Process

The candidate has to apply for the full time master’s course via the university postgraduate master’s program through online. The candidates do not have to wait for the final examination results for applying for the scholarship. 

The applications have to be considered on the strength of the current performance and if successful, the award of the scholarship can be conditional upon you achieving a first class undergraduate honours degree. 


The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic performance and future potential.

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