DST-JST Joint Call for Japanese-Indian Cooperative Program in Biomedical Research

Scholarship details
The department of science and technology (DST), Ministry of science and technology, Government of India are jointly funding the research programs and projects along with Japan science and technology (JST) to promote the bilateral relations and scientific collaborations between both the countries eminent scientists. The applications are invited from eligible scientists and researchers from India and Japan to apply for the research projects.   

The department of science and technology and the Japan science and technology have jointly organised and funding these research programs in the areas of Biotechnology. 

Study subjects

The applications are invited in the area of biomedical research which may include medical diagnostics for early detection for infectious diseases and system biomedicine and computational platforms. 

Course level

The call is invited for the research projects. 

Scholarship Provider

The scholarship is provided by the department of science and technology (DST), Ministry of Science and technology, Government of India, New Delhi and the Japan Science and Technology (JST). 

Scholarship can be taken in

India and Japan.

Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the eligibility criteria to avail the scholarship. 

1.       The joint application which includes the Indian and Japanese Principal investigator who would be responsible for both technical and administrative coordination of the project and its periodic scientific and financial reporting to the DST/JST respectively.
2.       The principal investigators should be scientists/faculty members working in deemed universities/UGC recognised universities/academic institutes and national research and development laboratories.
3.       Preference should be given to the candidates with a member of the project team may b designated as Co-PI.  

Scholarship applicable to

The scholarship is applicable for the citizens of India and Japan.

Scholarship coverage

The Indian researchers are supported by the DST, India. They cover the international fare to and fro to the designated research location, visa fee, Overseas medical insurance for the approved visit duration, airport transfers.

The Japanese researchers will be supported by the JST. The cost of accommodation, domestic travel expenses including the airport transfers as per the DST norms. 

Selection criteria

The following general selection criteria are applicable to all the projects to get approval.

1.       Capability of research leaders
2.       Validity of exchange plans
3.       Conformity with project proposal goals, aim and designated research field.
4.       Effectiveness and continuity of exchange.
5.       Effectiveness and synergy of the joint research project. 


The final decision about the research projects to be undertaken is expected to be released or notified by the month of March or April. 

How to apply

The formats for joint projects/seminar proposals and other details can be found at the website. The project proposals are to be sent to the email id given nvasishta@nic.in. The proposal should be written in Microsoft word and three photocopies are to b sent by post. 

 Further information

The further information can be obtained from the following link

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