German Chancellor Fellowships for Tomorrow’s Leaders in Germany

Introduction to the scholarship
The alexander von Humboldt foundation is pleased to invite German chancellor fellowships prospective leaders from Brazil, China, India, Russia and the USA to conduct a project as guests of their partner of their choice in Germany. These German chancellor fellowships are open to many sectors such as politics, economics, media, administration, and culture. The fellowships are awarded to the fellows providing anopportunity to conduct a project research as guests of the partner of their choice in Germany.The fellowship itself is awarded for twelve months and begins the research with four-week introductory seminar in Bonn and Berlin. 

The Alexandor von Humboldt foundation is set up by the government of the federal republic and funded by the German Foreign office, the ministry of research and development, the ministry of economic co-operation and development and others for the promotion of international co-operation between the German institutes of Higher education and leading academics from around the world. 

Scholarship provider

The scholarship is provided by the Alexandor Von Humboldt foundation. The scholarship can be taken at Germany. 

Scholarship duration

The scholarship is awarded for the period of twelve months and usually begins in the month of October for a four week introductory seminar in Bonn and Berlin, which is giving an opportunity into social, political, business, and cultural life in Germany. Also, the project is followed by the eleven months of individual project work starting in November. 

Scholarship coverage

The scholarship covers the following. The fellowship amount is 2,150 EUR, 2450 EUR, 2750 EUR per month depending on the fellow’s qualifications. The stipend includes the travel allowance, contribution towards health and liability insurance, research allowance, German language courses on offer, a Europe allowance for a stay of one or two months in an institute in another European country if a stay is necessary, and an extensive alumni sponsorship following successful completion of the fellow’s stay in Germany particularly for the purpose of sustaining contact with collaborative research partners in Germany during the alumni’s entire professional career. 

Eligibility criteria

1.       The candidate should e either a citizen of United states, India, brazil, the Russian federation and the people’s republic of china.
2.       Bachelor’s academic degree completed before the fellowship commences.
3.       A letter of motivation
4.       The candidate must draw the project plan independently and secure the support of the proposed mentor.
5.       Two letters of recommendation from individuals qualified to comment on the candidate’s profile both academic and personal profile.
The applicants should not be in Germany for more than six months at the time of the application deadline. Any candidate who has been sponsored cannot apply for the scholarship.

Application process

The mode of application is online.

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