ICO-SAARC One-Year Subspecialty Fellowships in Ophthalmology

Introduction to the Scholarship
The International council of ophthalmology is inviting applications for ten to twelve fellowships in Ophthalmology. The one-year study of fellowship offers two options for study depending on the training resources which are available in the country from which the applicant is hailing. 

The applicant has to spend three months at a national training centre in the fellow’s country, six months in a regional centre in the SAARC regions and three months at the regional training centre (3-6-3) or six months at a national centre, three months at a regional centre, and three months at an international centre (6-3-3). The deadline of the applications is mentioned on the advertisement and requires the candidates to send the applications in time.    
Scholarship Provider

The scholarships are co-sponsored by the ICO and SAARC regions and SAO supported by the Fred Hollows foundation.  The scholarships are provided to the candidates of the South Asian Association of regional cooperation (SAARC region) which are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  

Scholarship coverage

The local and regional costs equalling a total of nine months living costs are covered by the South Asian academy of ophthalmology (SAO). These costs vary and cannot be defined.   The amount may depend on the actual student style living expenses in the host country.

Scholarship duration

Ten to twelve scholarships will be awarded each year. 

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the eligibility criteria to avail the fellowship mentioned above. 

1.      The applicant must be residing in the country and return to the country in the SAARC region: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan or Sri Lanka.
2.      The applicant must be applying below the age of 40 years at the time of application.
3.      The specialist exam should be successfully passed.
4.      The candidate should be a successful graduate in the ophthalmology residency training programme.
5.      The candidate should be recommended by the ophthalmology residency training programme.
6.      The applicant should b fluent in the language of the fellowship training centre.
7.      The applicant should be committed to join a teaching institution or public service hospital in the fellow’s home country.
8.      The applicants should have passed the ICO basic science, the ICO clinical science, or the ICO advanced examinations of the ophthalmologists ( www.icoexams.org) will be receiving special considerations for the fellowship.
9.      The applicants from countries with ophthalmologic societies that are members of the ICO will also be receiving special consideration.    
Application criteria

The mode of application is online. The candidates have to be sent through website online application. 


The successful scholarship applicants will be informed by the end of March or by the beginning of April.  

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