Junior Research Fellowship at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India

Scholarship details
The Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science, Tata Institute of Fundamental research in India are offering junior research fellowship in Mumbai, India. The students from India are eligible for this junior research fellowship. The duration of this fellowship is for the period of one year which may get extended to the next three years. 

The students who have a Masters in Physics/ Metallurgy/Inorganic chemistry/Materials Science from a recognised university can apply for this junior research fellowship. The students with NET/GATE Inspire fellowship will be given preference. The applications along with three references, CV, name of three references.  The applications will be entertained till the position of the research fellowship gets closed. The field of science in nanoscale has largely focused on the discovery and the synthesis of new nano-structured materials, the understanding of these materials in core,  surface and interface structures as well as the unique properties in these reduced dimensional systems. 

The recent technological advances in the field of electron microscopy have increased the spatial resolution in the sub-A range, the energy resolution to sub-ev and the sensitivity to the detect the single atoms. These studies have placed enormous talent and technologies in the field of nanoscopy and nanoscience helping to unravel the properties and different phenomena of the particles. 

Study subjects

The research is awarded to the candidates who are into studying materials at atomic scale using advanced transmission electron microscopy in India. 

Course level

The position is for pursuing research level programme at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India. 

Scholarship Provider

The provider of the scholarship is Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India. 

Scholarship can be taken in


Eligibility criteria

The candidate has to satisfy the below eligibility criteria to avail the above mentioned scholarship.

1.       The candidate should have obtained Masters in Physics/Material Physics/Mettallurgy/Inorganic chemistry from a recognised university.
2.       The candidates having NET/GATE/Inspire fellowship will be given preference.
3.       The candidate should have aptitude and passion towards a career in research.  

Scholarship applicable to

The scholarships are applicable to only Indian candidates. 

Duration of awards

The duration of the award is initially for a period of one year. There is still a possibility of the research fellowship getting extended to the next three years. 

Scholarship coverage

The junior research fellowship is awarded with a stipend of Rs.16000 per month and 30% HRA.

How to apply

The mode of application is through electronically. Interested candidates may send in their applications along with CV and email addresses of three references to the email id given here

Further information

The further information can be obtained from the link given below.

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